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iteach Talks STEM, Education, and Entrepreneurship with Fatimah Hussain

Meet Fatimah Hussain

When I first “met” Fatimah, it was through LinkedIn. She reached out to me and said something about owning multiple businesses, being a STEM advocate, and a list of other things. Her profile picture was small, and at first glance, I thought she was an adult, not because she looked older, but because of her list of accomplishments! We connected through Apoorva, another child prodigy and STEM/STEAM advocate who we recently interviewed. I am delighted that we got to talk with another student working hard to make the world a better place.

When we asked Fatimah, “What do you think should be changed in the current education system?” She responded excellently, “What is frustrating about current education is they don’t let you fail… it’s not very similar to the real world…” She went on to say that failure is part of the learning process in the real world, whereas in the classroom, taking a test is often the only way a student can show what they know about a particular subject.

We hope you will watch this great interview and hear from a brilliant young mind who has already accomplished a great deal at just 17 years old.


About Fatimah Hussain

The following excerpt was taken from her website,

Aside from my mango lassi addiction and spontaneous jigsaw puzzle-making, I love enduring entrepreneurial adventures.

I’m the founder and inventor of Unicorn Lock, a CAD and 3D printing-based business, BluWings Technologies LLC, an app development startup, and 2 Min Maths!, a Youtube platform dedicated to helping others enjoy math as much as I do.

From winning The Gold Presidential Service Award from Biden to hosting summer iOS development boot camps, I’m dedicated to serving my community with my greatest abilities.

I’m an outspoken person and love speaking about women’s empowerment in STEM, having a strong mentality, and 3D printing and designing. I’m a 2x TEDx speaker, having recently been flown out to London to speak, and am super pumped for more adventures ahead.

Since winning 1st place in USA’s largest bioengineering competition, I’ve learned that age doesn’t determine success; hard work and perseverance do.

You can also find her online and check out some of her 3D Printing and other entrepreneurial pursuits at the links below:

STEM is the Future for All Students

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5221: STEM is the Future for All Students

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