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iteach is the only non-college program accredited by the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP). This national accreditation demonstrates our deep commitment to delivering an exceptional preparation program.


iteach has maintained continuous accreditation by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) / the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP) since 2012.


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What this Accreditation
Means for You

Teacher Candidates

As a candidate earning certification through iteach, you will be fully prepared to succeed in the classroom and continually supported throughout your first year. 

CAEP accreditation is a seal of approval that we prepare you to:

  • know your subject
  • serve your students’ individual needs
  • work effectively with diverse learners


As you examine other educator preparation programs, do your homework on their certifications, reputation, and standing with your state education agency. Our kids deserve teachers who are well-prepared and committed to making a difference.

District Partners

As a school district partnering with us to certify your paraprofessionals or substitutes and provide candidates for teacher vacancies, what matters most is that our program will set your new teachers up for success.

Here’s why we are confident we deliver on that promise:

  • iteach program graduates are 6x more likely to be hired compared to our largest competitor (Source: Texas Education Agency)
  • 96% HR/School Administrators said they would recommend iteach based on teachers’ ability (Source: School Feedback Survey)
  • 96% of teachers felt adequately prepared for the classroom at the conclusion of their residency year (Source: 2023 Teacher Feedback Survey)
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2024 CAEP Annual Reporting Measures

iteach is committed to transparency by sharing our candidates' success metrics. 
Here's how our candidates performed on CAEP's eight impact measures.

Impact Measures

CAEP Standard 4.1: The provider demonstrates that program completers: A. effectively contribute to P-12 student-learning growth AND B. apply in P-12 classrooms the professional knowledge, skills, and dispositions the preparation experiences were designed to achieve. In addition, the provider includes a rationale for the data elements provided.

Texas Education Agency Principal Survey is completed by school administrators in the State of Texas on first-year teachers, evaluating them on a wide array of attributes.

As depicted on the Texas Education Educator Prep Dashboard, the campus administer rating of iteach on Instruction is shown in the following graph:

All iteach candidates are evaluated with an Interdisciplinary Lesson Plan. 

2023 Texas Education Agency Principal Survey of New Teachers 

2018-2023 New Teacher Retention Rates

CAEP Standard 4.2: The provider demonstrates that employers are satisfied with the completers’ preparation for their assigned responsibilities in working with diverse P-12 students and their families.

The Texas Education Agency requires school principals to formally evaluate first-time teachers.

For 2022-2023, the following chart depicts the results of the Campus Administrator Survey:

During student teaching or a graduate’s teaching internship, candidates are evaluated using an INTASC aligned observation form (CARE form) five times during the Residency placement.

2023 Texas Education Agency Principal Survey of New Teachers 

CAEP Standard 4.3: The provider demonstrates program completers perceive their preparation as relevant to the responsibilities they encounter on the job, and their preparation was effective.


The Texas Education Agency requires school principals to complete a first-year teacher survey on any first-year teacher in their school. 

The results of the 22-23 Principal Survey are reflected on the Texas Education Educator Prep Dashboard below:

CAEP Standard 4.4: The provider demonstrates, using measures that result in valid and reliable data, that program completers perceive their preparation as relevant to the responsibilities they confront on the job, and that the preparation was effective.

The Texas Education Agency requires newly certified teachers to complete a survey based on their recent program completion.  The aggregated data below is only for iteach first-year teachers in 2020-2021.

Outcome Measures

The data below compares those admitted to SBEC certification programs at iteach in years past versus how many completed the programs by 2019-20.

2019-2020 Teacher Candidate Completion Rate

Candidates must pass Texas certification exams “TExES” in order to become certified as teachers or in advanced roles. The State provides official pass rates on an annual basis. In addition, teacher candidate pass rates are pushed to the US Department of Education Title II database. These pass rates are also available on an annual basis. Rates can be found here.

You can find the complete federal Title II Report here.

As a private tax-paying entity, iteach candidates do not quality for federal student loans.

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iteach State Approvals

iteach is an educator preparation program that recommends
students for educator certificates in the following states:

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