Louisiana Alternative
Teacher Certification

Apply today and begin your journey to the classroom in Louisiana.

The Road to Teacher Certification in
Louisiana is Simple

  • Apply and Enroll
  • Train and Prepare
  • Teach with Full Pay
  • Full Certification

Apply and Enroll

1-2 Weeks on Average

It’s time to be the teacher you’ve wanted to be.

Train and Prepare

8-12 Weeks on Average

Once you enroll, complete the following requirements to start teaching in the classroom.

Teach with Full Pay

1 Year

You will complete a one-year (two-semester) paid residency/ field experience where you will be employed full-time as a teacher in your content field. In this position, you receive the salary and benefits of a first-year teacher.

Full Certification

2-4 Weeks on Average

  • Submit official university transcripts that include your graduating GPA
  • Pay your $99 enrollment fee 
  • Acknowledge your Letter of Agreement
Online/ Self-Paced Pre-Hire Instructional Coursework

Pre-Hire Courses include:

  • TEPC 5000 – An Overview of Teaching
  • TEPC 5100 – Learning Environment
  • TEPC 5200 – Learner Development
  • TEPC 5300 – Planning for Instruction and Assessments
Pass your Content Exam(s)
Set up your Payment Plan
Acquire PL2 Certification
Once everything is complete, your Intent to Hire will become available on your InstructNET page.
Prepare for Your Residency
  • You must secure your own residency/ field experience position through a Louisiana Department of Education approved school district application and interview process. Obtain your job in any public, charter, or Louisiana Department of Education recognized private school.
  • Check out our teacher job board to find opportunities near you.
Supervision During Residency
  • During the residency/ field experience, you will be assigned a highly experienced supervisor who will visit your classroom periodically, offer guidance and support, and work closely with the campus administration to ensure you are successful.
Complete Coursework
  • TEPC 5400 – Literacy and 21st Century Instruction
  • TEPC 5500 – Learner Differences and Special Needs
  • TEPC 5600 – Diverse Student Populations, English Language Learners, and Bilingual Students
  • Field Experience Courses
  • TEPC 5700 – The Classroom Teaching Experience


  • Successfully complete your field experience
  • Pass all required Praxis exams for certification
  • Pay your program fee in full

    Louisiana Program

    Admission Requirements

    Take the first step to acceptance into our training program. Here are our admission requirements:

    Bachelor's Degree

    Your degree must be from an accredited college or university.

    Minimum 2.20 GPA

    Submit official university transcripts that include your graduating GPA on your official transcripts.

    Content Area

    iteach can help you get certified for specific subject areas. All teachers must meet specific criteria set by the state of Louisiana to teach a subject. This requirement is often referred to as your “certification area” or your “content area.”

    Contact us about your area of interest and location as each district has different hiring practices.


    Louisiana Pricing

    Our pricing was created with you in mind. $0 to apply. $99 to enroll.


    to Apply

    Complete an online application in just a few minutes and take the first step toward your new teaching career.


    to Enroll

    Once accepted, you pay your $99 enrollment fee and you can immediately begin taking your first course. 


    Total Cost

    Pay $99 per month until you start your two-semester field experience. Pay your remaining balance in interest-free installments until your field experience, for which you will receive full pay, is complete.

    What You Get:

    • Robust CAEP-certified online courses
    • Onsite 1:1 supervision throughout your teaching residency
    • Opportunity to earn up to 12 graduate credits toward a master's degree
    • Subscription to Teaching Channel’s 1,600 video library showcasing instructional practices
    • Enrollment in innovative test preparation courses to help you pass your state-required exams

    Additional Fees:

    As you budget, bear in mind there are some additional state-required fees that you will pay to outside agencies or companies.

    • Certification Exam fees range from $130.00 to $156.00
    • Practitioner License PL2 (Initial and Renewal) Application Fee  – $50.00
    • Level 1 Certification Application Fee  – $50.00

    Download the Louisiana

    Alternative Certification Guide

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    need about our program.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    You may apply at any time; iteach enrolls students on a continual basis. 

    No. No matter what bachelor’s degree you have, it’s your subject matter expertise, combined with your successful completion of our program, that makes you eligible to teach.  We’ll teach you what you need to know and do in order to be a successful teacher yourself. 

    Candidates must pass the Praxis II for the subject they want to teach. Please refer to the ETS Praxis test overview for Louisiana here to identify the Praxis II, content test, that you will be required to take and pass for state licensure.

    No, iteach is not an institution of higher education. Therefore, the program does not qualify for financial aid.

    You can complete all program-required instructional coursework within as little as three months. The entire iteach program, including your teaching residency, is designed to be completed within one school year. However, you have two full school years to find a teaching position as long as you are enrolled in the iteach program. Once hired, you must complete all program requirements during your two-semester field experience.

    What People Are Saying

    Libby, a high school teacher from Texas, talks with ABC News about how iteach allowed her to transition from a career in performing arts to achieving her dream of teaching dance.

    “If I had decided to go back to a college for education, it would have taken me years to finish with multiple student loans and thousands of dollars. Iteach was an affordable way to get into the classroom. I love being a teacher. If anyone had ever considered being a teacher, this is a great opportunity for them.” – Libby Claycomb

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