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How to
Become a Teacher

To embark on a teaching career, you’ll need to obtain state certification. There are four major steps in the certification process.

  1. Meet the state’s educational background requirements, as well as those for a state-approved educator preparation program
  2. Complete an education program, likely including a teaching residency
  3. Pass your state’s required exams for your desired teaching position
  4. Apply for your certificate and participate in a background check
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Why Become a Teacher?

There are so many great reasons to teach.

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Routes to Becoming a Teacher

There are three main pathways that you can explore.

Alternative Teacher Certification

Enroll in an alternative teacher certification program

  • This route can take 12-18 months, most of which will be spent in a teaching residency with full pay and benefits. Check with your state’s Department of Education to see if alternative certification programs are approved.
  • Candidates must have a bachelor’s degree in any subject to enroll in an alternative teacher certification program.
  • Most programs allow candidates to start teaching in the classroom with full pay once initial requirements are met.
  • The average cost of an alternative teacher certification program is $4,399*. 

Traditional Certification

Earn a bachelor’s degree in education

Master’s Program

Earn a master’s degree in education

  • This route is open to four-year college graduates and takes 2 years, depending on the program chosen.
  • You will still need to complete student teaching and pass state-required certification tests.

Where Can Teachers Work?

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Public Schools

Public school districts accept and teach all children living within the school district’s boundaries. Public schools are funded by local taxes and run by a local school board. Teaching in a public school means you will likely teach students in the local community.

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Magnet Schools

Magnet schools are public schools that focus on specific educational areas. This includes Fine and Performing Arts, Science, Technology, Engineering, and CTE. They accept students from an entire school district through an application or lottery. Teaching in a magnet school requires qualifications that are specific to the school’s focus area.
School Building

Charter Schools

Charter schools are public schools run by a board or other organization instead of a local school board. Charter schools are also free for residents within a certain district. Most charter schools receive funding from the local school district and usually receive outside funding, allowing them freedom from certain district policies. 

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Private Schools

Private schools are funded through student tuition and fees. Private schools develop their own academic standards and requirements. If you want to teach at a private school, it is possible you will not be required to have a state teacher certification.

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