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teacher in front of elementary class.

iteach offers people an alternative path to become a certified teacher

October 31, 2023

Education experts have found the ongoing teacher shortage has lowered graduation rates and disproportionately impacts students who are already marginalized.

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student raising hand in class

Phoenix Union HS District partners to fill 150 teacher vacancies

The Phoenix Union High School District is partnering up to fill 150 teacher vacancies.

The District and iteach, an alternative teacher preparation and certification program, have entered into an memorandum of understanding to help expand Phoenix’s pool of qualified teachers in classrooms.

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Phoenix Union partners with iteach to help fill 150 teacher vacancies

The Phoenix Union High School District has partnered with iteach, an alternative teacher preparation and certification program that allows anyone with an existing bachelor’s degree to get an alternative teaching certificate.

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Texas Teacher with a bunch of books

How alternative routes to teaching in Las Vegas could help address teacher shortage

October 19, 2023

Nevada ranks number one for teacher shortages, according to recent studies. The Clark County School District told 8 News they have 1,151 teacher vacancies as of October 16, 2023.


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teacher instructing at the board.

Filling teacher vacancies

In the spring of 2021, there were 2,500 teacher vacancies across Louisiana – and by the fall of 2022, the state still had more than 1,200 open positions.

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Teacher helping students at a computer workstation

Virginia partners with iTeach program to help address teacher shortages

A new online program in Virginia is aiming to address teacher shortages across the Commonwealth.

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Virginia Chooses iteach as the Alternative Teacher Certification Provider for 24 Divisions of the Commonwealth

In an effort to fill more than 3,500 teaching vacancies, the Virginia Department of Education has chosen iteach as the identified partner for alternative teachers certification in 24 divisions of the Commonwealth.

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Landon speaking to the board.

iteach certifies teachers in less time for less money

Henry County Public Schools is on the short list of 24 schools to participate in the iteach, an accelerated and cost-effective teacher training platform.

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Teacher supporting elementary student

Virginia school districts turn to online programs to address teacher shortage

October 18, 2023

Over a dozen school districts across Virginia are utilizing online programs to help address the teacher shortage.

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