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Texas Content Identification

How does iteach identify my content area in Texas?

iteach is required to identify a content (subject) area for each enrolled Texas teacher candidate. But how does iteach do that? And, what does that actually mean?

What do we review?

As part of the admission process, effective January 27, 2020, passing a TExES content test is no longer an admission requirement. However, iteach must identify a content area for enrollment. The following methods will be used to identify content areas for enrollment in the order below:

  • Previous TExES passed 
    • We will review any previously passed exams and use past, passed exam as the area for admitted subject.
    • This does not include TXPACT tests.
  • An academic major in a certification field
    • We will review your transcripts to confirm you have the required hours for an area.
  • 15 Hours for Middle School Single Subjects
    • We can identify the following areas based on 15 hours in the content area Math, English, Science or Social Studies:
      • 4-8 Math,
      • 4-8 English,
      • 4-8 Science,
      • 4-8 Social Studies.
      • Only courses identified as English, Math, Science, and Social Studies course by the college (ENGL, MATH, SCI, Social Studies) will be used in the evaluation process for these hours.
  • Combination 12 Hours
    • We can identify the following areas based on a combination of 12 hours of English, math, science, and social studies (with a minimum of 3 hours in each content):
      • EC – 6 Core Subjects,
      • 4-8 Core Subjects, or
      • EC – 12 Special Education.

What does that mean?

You must have an identified area of certification to enroll in iteach.  Once enrolled, you can immediately request test approval in your identified area of enrollment.  However, you are not bound to this one area for certification, nor required to test in it. 

You can be provided a one-time test approval in another certification area upon the completion of the Passage Preparation course, which all iteach candidates have free access to.

Please note: You are not required to test in the area identified for admission and you can begin the coursework without first passing an exam.

Frequently Ask Questions

The changes made on January 27, 2020 invite many questions. Below are some of the most common questions we have received regarding the changes.

I previously completed 5000, must I complete another 5000?

Yes, there have been numerous changes to admission procures and testing policies. It is vital to your program success to successfully complete TCTX 5000.

I do not have a degree in Math but I recently took and passed the 7 – 12 Math TExES test via PACT. Do I need to take the TXPACT test now?

No. Since you have passed a TExES content certification test, this content can be identified for

Must I take and pass a TXPACT test for admission to iteach?

No, the TXPACT is not a state certification test. The new TXPACT exams contain questions assessing subject-matter knowledge only, as opposed to the TExES certification exams that include questions assessing both subject-matter knowledge and pedagogical content knowledge.

All candidates for certification must take and pass the TExES certificate test in their content area prior to being hired.

However, if you do not have a degree in a content area, but have significant hours under that content, iteach may consider the results of a TXPACT test  in conjunction with hours in identifying a content area for admissions.

What courses are considered in the required 15 hours?

Only courses identified as English, Math, Science, and Social Studies course by the college (ENGL, MATH, SCI, SS) will be used in the evaluation process for these 15 hours.

Am I required to pay for Passage Preparation?

No. Candidates who elect to participate in the $99 a month payment plan are automatically enrolled in Passage Preparation.

I want to teach high school English. I have a degree in English. Do I need to take the TXPACT test?

No, with a degree in a content area, English, English would be identified for program admission.

I have a minor in Art, 18 hours, can Art be identified for program admission?

No, not based on your college hours. However, if you take and pass the TXPACT Art test prior to enrollment, Art could be identified for admission.

I want to teach either EC -6 Core Subject, 4-8 Core Subjects or Special Education students but I do not have any math hours on my transcripts. How can I be enrolled in iteach?

You would need to take and pass the TxPACT test #700 TX PACT Essential Academic Skills test.

I have a degree in Business so Business would be identified for program admission, but I want to teach Math. Do I have to test in Business?

No, you are not required to test in the content area identified. You might consider taking the TXPACT Mathematics test prior to evaluation so that Math might be identified for enrollment into iteach.

If I want to teach in a composite content area, such 7 – 12 Social Studies or 7 – 12 Science, how would that content area be identified?

You must first have a degree in one of the composite fields of the content areas, such as Biology, Chemistry, Government. You would also be required to have a passing score on the associated TXPACT test.

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