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Teacher of The Week – Irma Mansilla

[dropcap]H[/dropcap]ere at iteach, we try to share the spotlight with our certified teachers. We’ve decided that we would like to show off some of our teachers who have gone through our program and are currently teaching. We want to highlight and celebrate their stories and accomplishments with you and other teachers. Our teachers come from all different walks of life and have had different professions before they became a teacher. They have put their time, dedication, and energy into their learning and have shown what teaching means to them. Iteach flourishes because our teachers flourish. Meet our teachers of today, who are changing the lives of students for tomorrow.

Irma Mansilla

Meet Irma Mansilla. Irma is a 5th Grade Bilingual Language Arts and Social Studies teacher at Spring Hill Elementary in Pflugerville, Texas. It was here in Texas where she received her Initial certification. Her hobbies outside of teaching include playing instruments (guitar, bass, piano, and drums), and making origami along with other kinds of crafts. Her favorite book is: From the earth to the moon by Jules Vern. Aside from teaching, Irma also volunteers in many areas at her church.

Before Teaching

Before teaching, Irma was a full-time minister. She decided to become a teacher when she discovered her passion for teaching when her firstborn was struggling in school and volunteered to help with an intervention group in his classroom.

Irma says her favorite thing about being a teacher is making students excited about learning new topics and watching them take off continuing to learn things by themselves.

Why Iteach?

Irma joined the iteach program for many reasons.  “I chose the iteach program because of their diligence to the candidate’s preparation, the flexible hours, and their quick response to my inquiry.”

We know that being a teacher isn’t always an easy job. Luckily, Irma has supplied us with some classroom management tips that have helped her along the way. “Setting clear expectations from day one, involving the students in the creation of a social contract, and classroom rules have made my classroom an excellent learning environment.”

Thank You

As we conclude our Iteach Teacher of The Week, Irma would like to share what she wants her students’ parents to know about her, her classroom, and some advice to anyone considering a teaching career. “My number one goal is to help their children become life long learners. For anyone considering a teaching career, you must be passionate about people. The teaching career is shaping humans into a successful person. They have what they need, we just need to figure out how to use it to their success.”

Thank you, Irma Mansilla, for all your hard work in the community and in the classroom. Keep on teaching and thanks for being a part of iteach.

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