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Teacher of The Week

Adam Doucet

Teacher of The Week – Adam Doucet
October 4, 2018 Mark Gonzales

[dropcap]H[/dropcap]ere at iteach, we try to share the spotlight with our certified teachers. We’ve decided that we would like to show off some of our teachers who have gone through our program and are currently teaching. We want to highlight and celebrate their stories and accomplishments with you and other teachers. Our teachers come from all different walks of life and have had different professions before they became a teacher. They have put their time, dedication, and energy into their learning and have shown what teaching means to them. Iteach flourishes because our teachers flourish. Meet our teachers of today, who are changing the lives of students for tomorrow.

Adam Doucet – Teacher of the Week

Meet Adam Doucet. Adam is a 7th and 8th-grade French teacher for Paul Breaux Middle school in Lafayette, Louisiana. It was here in Louisiana where he received his initial certification. His favorite lesson to teach is a family tree lesson he does with his French class. He explains how it not only gives himself but his students a chance to see each other in a light that would not have otherwise existed. “We all learn more about where we come from and who we are.” His favorite book to read is The Big CI Book. Some of his favorite hobbies outside of school include woodworking, knife making, landscaping, and music. Adam also hosts a monthly Cajun & Creole music jam in his small town.

Before Teaching

Before teaching, Adam was a chef at a Japanese restaurant for many years. Adam decided to become a teacher when he realized he wanted to contribute to the reconstruction of the French language in his region.

Adam says his favorite thing about teaching is being able to witness his student’s success and knowing that he is able to help contribute to that.

Why iteach for Teacher Certification?

So, what made Adam choose the iteach program? “It was perfect for my schedule as I was already in the classroom. It made it easy to stay in touch with coursework while still being able to plan appropriately for lessons.”

Adam says that the iteach experience has made become an even more successful teacher by opening his mind to alternative approaches to acquisition.

Thank You

As we conclude this Iteach Teacher of The Week, Adam would like to share some advice for anyone considering a teaching career and what he wants his students’ parents to know about him and his classroom. “Try it out. Observe several classes and speak with teachers you know care. Find out what they have to say and why they chose the profession. It isn’t for everyone, so make sure it’s for you first! Don’t assume students have someone that speaks to them kindly at home. You never know what happens under their roof. Have compassion and learn about your students.”

Thank you, Adam Doucet, for all your hard work in the community and in the classroom. Keep on teaching and thanks for being a part of iteach.