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Teacher of The Week – Crista Birney

[dropcap]H[/dropcap]ere at iteach, we try to share the spotlight with our certified teachers. We’ve decided that we would like to show off some of our teachers who have gone through our program and are currently teaching. We want to highlight and celebrate their stories and accomplishments with you and other teachers. Our teachers come from all different walks of life and have had different professions before they became a teacher. They have put their time, dedication, and energy into their learning and have shown what teaching means to them. Iteach flourishes because our teachers flourish. Meet our teachers of today, who are changing the lives of students for tomorrow.

Crista Birney – Teacher of the Week

Meet Crista Birney. Crista is a 7th-grade math teacher for Childress Junior High in Childress, Texas. It was here in Texas where she received her initial certification.  Her favorite lesson/topic to teach is geometry. Her favorite book series is the Chronicles of Narnia. She loves to read and cook with her children in her free time. Crista also teaches at the same church she attends and even coaches the drama and puppet teams there. She also works concession stands and takes up tickets at local football games.

Before Teaching

Before teaching, Crista had many other professions that included: owning a small preschool at home for a couple of years, working in a daycare, and even working in a nursing home as an activity’s assistant. Crista says she had always wanted to be a teacher, it just took her many ups and downs before she could get there.

Crista found her passion for teaching at a very young age. “From the time I was a very little girl, I started teaching others in church. As I grew, I knew I loved teaching others. When my own children were born, I wanted nothing more than to be in the school system with them, helping to make it an amazing time in their lives.

Crista says there’s nothing more satisfying than seeing a light come on in a student’s eyes after they finally understand a difficult concept. However, she really gets to know the kids she teaches every day. “I love being their mentor, and in return I find I learn something new from them every day.” These are just a few of her favorite things about being a teacher.

Why iTeach for Teacher Certification?

So why did Crista Choose iteach? “I waited until later in life to pursue teaching as a career, I already had 3 children and was working full time. I live in a rural town far from any college and commuting was not an option. So, getting a degree online, and then certifying alternatively fit perfectly into my life as it was.”

With iteach, Crista has been able to become a more successful teacher, here’s how. It allowed me to be in the classroom faster, experiencing teaching as I continued to learn about it. To me, this made the experience more concrete. I was able to immediately apply what I was learning at iteach to the classroom.”

Thank You

As we conclude this Iteach Teacher of The Week, Crista would like to share what she wants her students’ parents to know about her and her classroom. “I want them to know that I care about their children. My students are more than just names and test scores. They are goofy, quirky, brilliant, struggling, and everything in between. In my class, they will be accepted as they are and expected to give 100%. We will learn and have fun doing it!”

Thank you, Crista Birney, for all your hard work in the community and in the classroom. Keep on teaching and thanks for being a part of iteach.


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