Autism Acceptance

Moving beyond Awareness, to Acceptance and Appreciation

Autism Acceptance
April 16, 2021 Eddie Renz

Autism Acceptance and Appreciation

It was recently brought to our attention by one of our online followers that this month is not “Autism Awareness” but “Autism Acceptance” month. The follower challenged us to move forward from autism awareness and on to autism acceptance and appreciation.

As we continue to learn more about humanity, it is important to understand, and delight in the fact, that we don’t live in a “One Size Fits All” world. When we move past simplicity and embrace the beautiful complexity of individual personalities we can use our energies not to make others conform, but to change the world around us to help all people exist within their differences. Does this require effort? Yes. But the best things in life require effort. Challenges help us grow and they force us to think outside of our worldview and to see the world through various perspectives that are much greater than our own.

The video below does a great job of why it is important to move from just awareness to acceptance and appreciation when it comes to autism.


Temple Grandin: The Autistic Brain

In the video above, Temple Grandin gives a detailed talk on “The Autistic Brain”. This talk was given 8 years ago and while it has a lot of great information on autism, there have continued to be advances in neurodivergent thinking and how we talk about autism and Neurodiversity.

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