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Teaching Salary – Austin, Texas

Teaching Salary – Austin, Texas

From our last teacher salary blog, we have seen how DFW school districts are offering different incentives for teachers performing above and beyond in the classroom, allowing them to earn a more desired salary and other great benefits. Like DFW, we found that teachers can also earn more in Austin, Texas.

Base Teacher Salary 

We’ve found that the average teacher salary in Austin, Texas is $55,261 but the range normally falls between $48,244 and $63,795. For sake of argument, we’ll say that a new teacher can start out with a salary of $49,000. This also isn’t including any incentives the district has to offer, but what might those additional incentives look like on top of a base salary?

Here’s how teachers are earning more

Professional Pathways for Teachers

Austin ISD offers the Professional Pathways for Teachers program. Professional Pathways for Teachers, or (PPfT), is an incentive-based program that gives teachers the opportunity to increase their base salary while also allowing them to become highly effective leaders on their campus. When a teacher completes a leadership pathway, they would be credentialed in that area and would be able to pursue multiple leadership pathways over their teaching career. The PPfT works through a base-building-point system in which teachers can earn points yearly, that allows them to become eligible for base increases. These points are accumulated and determine the amount of the base increase. Teachers can earn points from four different areas: appraisal, a professional development unit, service, and leadership pathways. Teachers can earn increases when the point amount is earned at the end of the school year, and the increase will be applied to the paycheck in August of the next year. For instance, once a teacher earns 10 points, they would then receive a $750 increase to their base salary. The amount associated with the points is earned once, but the base increase is permanent.

Special Ed/Bilingual

Austin ISD also offers stipends to teachers that are teaching Special Education or that are Bilingual. If you are teaching in Special Education, you have the opportunity to earn a $1,000 stipend and if you’re teaching as a bilingual teacher, you have the opportunity to earn a $2,500 stipend.

Total Potential Teaching Salary in Austin Texas

So what does an overall potential teacher salary look like for someone teaching in Austin, Texas?  We’ve done the math for you!

We said that a starting salary begins at $49,000. However…

  • If you are teaching through PPfT, you could potentially make up to $49,750 in your first year if you earned 10 points! ($49,000+$750) = $49,750. (Increases may vary depending on the number points a teacher earns.)
  • If you are teaching as Special Education teacher you could make potentially be making $50,000! ($49,000+$1,000) = $50,000.
  • If you are a bilingual teacher you could be making $51,500! ($49,000+ $2,500) = $51,500.

Aside from great salary opportunities and incentives, Austin ISD is offering even more great benefits.

Discounted tuition

Employees can send their children to any AISD campus they choose (some of which have on-site daycare facilities) and receive a discounted tuition rate for Pre-K.

Issued Technology

Campus staff are issued technology devices for use in the classroom and to take home.

Discounted Housing Program

Employees can take advantage of the employee discount housing program, with special rates negotiated by AISD.

Discounts programs

Austin ISD offers discounts to their employees to places such as AAASchlitterbahn, 24 Hour Fitness, and much more!

Career Development

Austin ISD wants teachers to be successful in the classroom and beyond. The district offers mentorship programs that allow teachers to advance through professional development and leadership opportunities.

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