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May 2024 Teacher of the Month

We are thrilled to introduce Kristen Hoffman, the iteach Teacher of the Month for May 2024. Kristen teaches 4th grade at Walnut Grove Elementary in the Center Grove School Corporation, Greenwood, IN. She’s known for her enthusiasm, creativity, and dedication to her students.

Kristen teaches all subjects, including reading, ELA, science, social studies, and math. She’s no stranger to Center Grove, having previously worked in Response to Intervention (RTI) where she enjoyed seeing students grow and succeed. “I loved working with the students to see them grow,” Kristen says. After the challenges of Covid, she spent time as a substitute teacher and fell in love with being in the classroom. With encouragement from the administration, she pursued her full teaching license, and we’re so glad she did!

One of Kristen’s favorite aspects of teaching is witnessing those magical “lightbulb” moments. “The excitement they get on their faces makes me so happy!” she shares. She also treasures the camaraderie with her team at Walnut Grove, saying, “I truly lean on them for support each day. I never would have been so successful in my field experience without them!”

Kristen’s classroom is a vibrant, engaging space that feels more like an adventure than a traditional classroom. Themed as a pirate ship and ocean area, her classroom ensures every student feels like a valued member of her crew. “We strive to be ‘caring, respectful, enthusiastic, and work together!’ They embrace this idea of being a ‘CREW’ and it makes them feel included and safe in our space,” Kristen explains. Her classroom also features the delightful Readers Reef, where students can relax in beach chairs and enjoy reading. And let’s not forget the class pet tadpole, soon to be a frog, adding an extra touch of excitement and responsibility.

Kristen Hoffman’s passion for teaching and her innovative approach make her a standout educator. Her dedication to building a supportive, fun, and inclusive classroom environment is truly inspiring. Congratulations, Kristen, on being the iteach Teacher of the Month! Your students are lucky to have you as their captain.

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