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Holiday Movies & Binge-Worthy TV Shows

Holiday Movies that We Love

This season you may be wondering “What is new and different that I haven’t seen for Christmas?” Well, I have some good options for you.

Spirited – I wasn’t expecting this to be as good as it is. Ryan Reynolds, Octavia Spencer, and Will Ferrell are all wonderful and the film has a number of unexpected twists. It’s also a musical that at times reminded me more of a broadway play than a movie – and I loved that. The costumes and production are excellent. I say watch it with a bowl of popcorn with Junior Mints sprinkled on top.

The Man Who Invented Christmas – I love A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, who doesn’t? It’s a great story about redemption and how someone can go from a curmudgeon or Grinch to being kind and generous. But how did Charles Dickens think up this story? Well, this movie explains it and it is really delightful. Watch it with the whole family while sipping hot spiced wassail.

Some Old & New Christmas Movies

Below are some movies that the staff in our office love. One new one on the list is A Christmas Story Christmas. This came out on November 17, 2022 on HBO Max. It’s going to be interesting to see Ralphie as an adult in this sequel to a classic.

Binge-Worthy TV Shows for Your Holiday Break

We asked some of our staff in the office what they are watching that has been better than expected and here are some of their favorites. Enjoy!

Wednesday – Wednesday’s child is full of woe… that is where Wednesday got her name according to Morticia Addams. I grew up watching The Addams Family with my sisters and I love the movie, Addams Family Values. To be honest I didn’t expect to enjoy this spin-off as much as I do. It’s creepy and kooky, just as you’d expect and I can think of few shows that I would enjoy watching over a holiday break as much as this one. Hopefully, you can watch on it a gray rainy day curled up on the couch with blankets and your pet.

Andor – this is a Star Wars show and I wasn’t expecting to get the feedback that I have, but everyone that has seen it says the same thing.

Here is what Shannon from our office had to say after Erica said it was really good: I 100% agree with Erica. It’s like Game of Thrones. I thought I wasn’t into Fantasy (and I’m generally not) – but it’s really about relationships and character that just happens to be in a different setting. Keep in mind – the first 2-3 episodes are slow-ish. But I kept hearing rave reviews so we pushed on to 4 and we are HOOKED. It’s just a terrific story.

I haven’t watched it yet, but it is on our list to watch over the holidays. I’m jonesing for some good downtime to catch up on some new shows.

Julia – I love Julia Child. She was a disruptor before being a disruptor was cool. She shook up television, and a little spoiler alert, she paid for the production of her show for the first season. This show is so beautiful and inspiring that even if you don’t love to cook, you can love this story of a woman who wouldn’t take “No” for an answer.

The Gilded Age – If you love Downtown Abbey but always wished that it was a little bit faster-paced and edgier, then you have found your newest crave. This show has everything, money, betrayal, intrigue… and a great cast and costumes. When the first season ended my boyfriend and I were so bummed. We looked forward to watching it every week. I highly recommend this one and it has a podcast that goes along with it as well.

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