Clark County Teacher Shortage Goal


Clark County Teacher Placement Goal: Perfection
August 20, 2018 Andrew Rozell

Teacher Placement

Several media outlets reported last week that Clark County Schools currently has over 500 teacher vacancies to begin the school year. That number is shocking.

Really. Think about a company say, Amazon, announcing they are short 500 employees! That would make national headlines.

However, what is potentially even more shocking than CCSD’s current teacher shortage is the fact that the HR office for CCSD has accomplished the near impossible: beginning the first day of school with 97% staffed classrooms; they only have a 3% vacancy right now for all 336 schools accounting for over 300,000 students. That is really incredible and kudos to CCSD’s hard and tireless work to achieve that.

That being said and celebrated, CCSD is not celebrating… yet. They are not satisfied with 97%, they want 100% filled. They don’t want 291,000 students to have a great teacher, they want 300,000 students to have great teachers.

With a district so large, with a teaching staff of over 18,000, Clark County continues to tackle massive challenges. But having recently been at their new Disney-Magic-themed offices I can tell you they are up to the current challenges and will do whatever it takes to meet their lofty goals.

And iteach is looking forward at uniquely collaborated with the head of HR, the superintendent, and all those in their recruitment office to help bridge the final 3% gap.

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