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Asian school teacher assisting female student in classroom. Young woman working in school helping girl with her writing, education, support, care.
Special Needs Students

How to Write IEP Goals

Understanding the Importance of IEP Goals The federal Individuals with Disabilities Education Act…
Goal Setting with Students
Classroom Activities

Goal Setting with Students

The Importance of Goal Setting for K-12 Students Educators play a pivotal role in helping students…
February Teacher of the Month Lindy C. Jones
Teacher Stories

February Teacher of the Month Lindy C. Jones

Lindy C. Jones left teaching 27 years ago, but her heart never really left the classroom. After…
How to write T-TESS goals
Become a Great Teacher

How to Write T-TESS Goals with Examples

What Is T-TESS? The Texas Teacher Evaluation and Support System process was developed by the Texas…
Navigating a mid-school year start
Become a Great Teacher

Navigating a Mid-School Year Start

As excited as you are for your new career as a teacher, starting your field experience can be…
Happy Asian and African American elementary students writing in their notebooks while having a class at school. Their classmates are in the background.
Black History Month

Are You Teaching Black History in a Culturally Responsive…

Origninally posted by our partner site Learners Edge by Marcee Harris on Jan 26, 2021 7:00:00…
Dr. Martin Luther King

Honoring the Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Honoring the Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was many things in…
January Teacher of the Month Kayla Qualls

January Teacher of the Month Kayla Qualls

Kayla Qualls has dreamed of becoming a teacher since kindergarten. Today, thanks to iteach, her…
Laqualla Hart, St. John the Baptist Parish, December teacher of the month

December Teacher of the Month Laqualla Hart

Laqualla Hart wears many hats at her school. She sponsors the Beta, Hispanic, Drama, and Culture…
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