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10 Valentine's Day Classroom Activities

Spread Love & Kindess

10 Valentine’s Day Classroom Activities
February 4, 2022 Camryn Yoder

10 Valentine’s Day Classroom Activities

Love is in the air! Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to celebrate love in all forms. These festive activities are a great way to spread love and kindness throughout your school and are beneficial to students of all ages!

Random Acts of Kindness

Have your students write a few kind words on pieces of paper (or on these festive conversation hearts). Encourage them to pass them out to people they see throughout the day, or put them on display around the school (on restroom mirrors, stalls, locker rooms, or desks). These are sure to brighten someone’s day!

Card Exchange

Have students decorate their own box or bag and exchange Valentines. This was one of my favorite crafts growing up!

Self-Love Garland

Self-love is important for all ages! Have your students write a couple things they love about themselves on a paper heart and string them up in the classroom as a garland.

Valentine’s Day Grams

Fundraise your classroom with candy grams, flowers, or songs (bonus points for music and band teachers)! This activity is perfect for raising money for your classroom and gives family and friends a way to show their appreciation for each other this Valentine’s Day. Check out more info on how to organize your fundraiser here!

Children having crafting activity, diy valentine cards and superhero character

Love Letters

Have your high school students write a letter to someone they love. This could be to a parent, sibling, friend, or pet!

Creative Writing

Love comes in so many different forms. Browse these Valentine’s-themed prompts for older students to write creative essays or poems about what love means to them.

Hallway Decoration

Encourage your students to get creative in decorating a hallway for Valentine’s Day. Students can decorate anything from bulletin boards and lockers to hanging up streamers and balloons. This activity can be enjoyed by both students and faculty!

Valentine’s Day Math and Literacy

Learn while keeping it festive! Check out this math and literacy bundle from Mrs. Winter’s Bliss.

Valentine’s Day STEM

Check out this awesome STEM activity bundle from Teachers Pay Teachers.

Valentine’s Day Fun Facts

Watch this fun and educational video to learn more about Valentine’s Day!

Valentine's Day Fun Facts

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