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Texas Teacher Certification – Getting Started Guide

Thank you for your interest in iteach Texas, we are excited you are looking at becoming a teacher.  As a teacher, you can truly LEAVE YOUR MARK, changing the lives of many.

3-Step Streamlined Certification Process

Step 1. Teacher Certification Testing

You will need to pass two types of certification tests:

  1. Content Test – this is a subject specific test that allows you to demonstrate your subject matter knowledge. This test is taken first.
  2. Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities (PPR) Test – this test allows you to demonstrate your knowledge about the theory and practice of education. This test is taken once all coursework is completed.

TRAINING via Instructional Coursework

Our streamlined process is the most effective and efficient route for you to complete your training. Once you complete three of the six courses, you are eligible for hire.

Step 2. Training

You will need to complete coursework and training that prepares you for the classroom to be a successful educator. All coursework and training is online and self-paced.

You will work through the program on your timetable – once a course is passed, you move on to the next.

Step 3. Teaching

You have the opportunity to be employed as the Teacher of Record under an Intern or Probationary Certificate.

Once your content test is passed, you have logged 30 hours of observation, and completed the first three courses, you can be hired in the classroom.

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Program Cost

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Alternative Teacher Certification Programs

$0 Startup Fee

  • Access to our introductory course
  • Access to online classroom videos
  • Access to diagnostic tools for your content test
Enrollment Fee

$99 Enrollment Fee

  • Enrollment into six online, self-paced competency based courses
  • Limited Content Test Approval
  • Statement of Eligibility for Hire

$4399 or $4899 Residency Plan

  • Pay $99 a month until hired with the monthly plan
  • Option Deferred plan is $4899, pay $250 down and not a penny more until field experience is secure
  • Balance is Paid in equal monthly installments via an established payment plan

Admission Requirements

Undergraduate Degree

You will need to submit official transcripts.

2.5 GPA

You must have a 2.5 GPA either in your overall posted graduating GPA or in the last 60 hours taken.

Introductory Course Completed

Once you apply, you are enrolled into an introductory course that provides you information about the certification process and the landscape of education. This course can be completed within a few hours.

Teachers Change the World

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. ” – Nelson Mandela

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