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Louisiana Pricing & Fees

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Once accepted, there are two options for payment. You can pay $99 a month and your total cost is $4399. Or, you can pay $250 down and not pay another payment until you get hired. With the deferred payment plan, the total cost is $4899. This inclusive price provides unlimited access to self-paced online training courses and other important information to prepare you to get certified and for your first year of teaching.

You do not pay the rest until you are hired, and only if hired!

Online Teacher Certification Startup Free Application

iteach Louisiana offers the lowest upfront cost of any program in the state.

What you get, once you apply:

  • An overview course (5000) about the art and science of teaching and the current educational landscape in the state
  • An extensive library of classroom videos to showcase mastery teaching in the classroom.

A thorough review of your qualifications for enrollment in the Educator Preparation Program, if you wish to seek certification.

Online Teacher Certification Training

When you know teaching is the career for you and you meet program qualifications, progress to the second tier of training.

What You Get:

Access to six self-paced, competency-based online courses:

  • 5100 – Learning Environments
  • 5200 – Learner Development
  • 5300 – Planning Instruction and Assessments
  • 5400 – Literacy and 21st Century Instruction
  • 5500 – Learner Differences and Special Needs
  • 5600 – Diverse Populations, English Language Learners and Bilingual Students

Once you complete course 5100, you will also get:

  • A Plan of Study, the form you need to start looking for teaching jobs

Inclusion in the iteach job search database, which school districts statewide use to look for prospective teachers.

Louisiana Teacher Residency

What you get:

  • A year of support and supervision from an iteach Louisiana Field Supervisor, an experienced teacher or administrator
  • An additional training course, 5700, specifically for program residents

Eligibility to be recommended for your Level 1 Teaching Certificate with satisfaction of all program components (Testing, Training, Teaching)

Total Cost of Louisiana Online Teacher Certification

You only begin paying the remaining balance once you secure a field experience. The deferred cost is spread out over your first year as a salaried teacher. If you choose the monthly $99 plan, your remaining balance is 8-10 equal payments of the balance of the total cost of $4399.

If you chose the deferred plan, the down payment is $250 and the remaining balance is made in 8-10 equal payments.

All fees paid to iteach Louisiana are non-refundable.

What are other costs associated with certification?

The following fees are not included in the program fees for iteach Louisiana.

Exam Fees

Examination fees are payable to Education Testing Service. You must pass at least two certification test (content area and Principal of Learning and Teaching) prior to being recommended to the state for Level 1 teaching certificate.

Praxis (cost per exam): $134.00

Teacher Certification Fees

Certification fees are payable to the Louisiana Department of Education.

PL2 Application Fee: $50.00
Level 1 Professional Certificate Application Fee: $50.00

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