Indiana Alternative Teacher Certification

Indiana Teacher Certification in Three Simple Steps

We understand that you are busy, and traditional education can be expensive, so iteach created an alternative teaching certification program that allows you to complete your coursework on your own schedule at an affordable price. Our accredited program has certified over 17,000 teachers and prepared them for the classroom. You could be next!


You can get started today by completing an online application in as little as 10 minutes. It’s free to apply and once you are accepted, it’s just $99 to enroll!

studying from home


 Start your training and be qualified to teach in as few as six weeks. Continue your coursework while teaching with full pay with your Transition to Teaching Permit.


Imagine a rewarding career as a teacher impacting the lives of your students! iteach is trusted and respected by school districts and prepares you to be confident in the classroom.

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Indiana Teacher Certification Guide

At iteach, our goal is to make teacher certification as simple as possible for you. There are several steps you must take to get your certification. With this guide, we hope to simplify the process on your journey to success. Enter your name and email to get the guide now.

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Ready to Get Started?

Review program admissions requirements and apply online. It is free to apply and, once all of your materials are submitted, we’ll let you know if you are accepted within three to five business days.

Apply & Email Official Transcripts


The first step is to complete the online application and submit the required documents to the iteach Admissions Office.


Once you have applied and submitted the required admission documents, you may be accepted into the program. Once enrolled in the program, you have immediate access to the next online course.

iteach Indiana offers seven online instructional courses that are designed to prepare you to be an excellent classroom teacher. The courses are self-paced and asynchronous; you can login to complete them at any time, from anywhere.

The courses are written by experienced educational experts and are designed to be teacher-friendly and practical. Each course is taken in sequence; you cannot begin your next course until your current one is complete.

Additionally, prior to being eligible for a Transition to Teaching Permit, the following state requirements must be completed.

  • Complete TCIN 5000-5100
  • Valid CPR card from IDOE approved provider. Applicants for initial licensure of any type and applicants for all renewals must show proof of valid CPR/AED/Heimlich certification. To see approved CPR/AED/Heimlich training programs, Click here.
  • Suicide Prevention Training Certificate. Click here.

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Praxis II Subject Exams

iteach Indiana offers certification in the following l certification areas. You must submit passing Praxis scores prior to accessing your Intent to Hire form in the Enrolled box.

To learn more about the exams and verify the correct test number, please visit the ETS website.

PK-12 Content Tests
PK-12 Art (5134)
PK-12 Computer Science (5652)
PK-12 English to Speakers of Other Languages (5362)
PK-12 Music: Instrumental (5115)
PK-12 Music: Vocal (5116)
PK-12 Physical Education (5091)
PK-12 Special Ed: Mild to Moderate (5543)
PK-12 Special Ed: Severe to Profound (5545)
PK-12 Theater (5641)
K-6 Content Tests
K-6 Elementary Education (5006)
5-9 Content Tests
5-9 Middle School English Language Arts (5047)
5-9 Middle School Mathematics (5164)
5-9 Middle School Science (5442)
5-9 Middle School Social Studies (5089)
7-12 Content Tests
7-12 Biology (5235)
7-12 Business Education (5101)
7-12 Chemistry (5245)
7-12 Chinese (Mandarin) (5665)
7-12 Earth/Space Science (5571)
7-12 English Language Arts (5038)
7-12 Family & Consumer Science (5122)
7-12 French (5174)
7-12 Geography (5921)
7-12 German (5183)
7-12 Government/Political Science (5931)
7-12 Health Education (5551)
7-12 Japanese (5661)
7-12 Journalism (5224)
7-12 Latin (5601)
7-12 Marketing Education (5561)
7-12 Mathematics (5165)
7-12 Physical Science (5485)
7-12 Physics (5265)
7-12 Russian (5671)
7-12 Social Studies (5089)
7-12 Spanish (5195)
7-12 Technology Education (5051)
7-12 World and U.S. History (5941)

Training Begins Immediately

Training with iteach Indiana begins immediately upon enrollment. You can complete the following online, competency-based courses at your own pace (any time, any where).

Instructional Courses

  • TCIN 5000 – Professional Learning and the Path to Certification
  • TCIN 5100 – Learning Environment
  • TCIN 5200 – Learner Development
  • TCIN 5300 – Planning Instruction and Assessments
  • TCIN  5400 – Literacy and 21st Century Instruction
  • TCIN 5500 – Curricular Adaptation for Special Needs Students
  • TCIN 5600 – Diverse Student Populations, English Language Learners and Bilingual Students

Field Experience Course

  • TCIN  5700 – The Classroom Teaching Experience


You will complete a one-year (two semesters) paid residency during which time you are employed full time as a teacher in your content field. In this position, you receive the salary and benefits of a first-year teacher. Complete course TCIN 5700, a residency-specific course, during your first year in the classroom.


You must secure your own internship position through the district application/interview process. Prior to interviewing, you are required to be enrolled in the iteach Indiana Educator Preparation Program with TCIN 5100 completed. You may obtain a job placement in any public, charter or recognized private school.


During the residency, you will be assigned a supervisor who will make periodic classroom visits and work closely with the campus administration to ensure a successful teaching experience for you.

What People Are Saying…

Libby, a high school teacher from Texas, talks with ABC News about how iteach gave her the chance to transition from a career in performing arts to achieving her dream of teaching dance.

“If I had decided to go back to a college for education, it would have taken me years to finish with multiple student loans and thousands of dollars. iteach was an affordable way to get into the classroom. I love being a teacher. If anyone has ever considered being a teacher, this is a great opportunity for them.” – Libby Claycomb

Simple Payment Plan

Our program is $99 to enroll and $99 a month while you are taking your coursework. Once you begin your two-semester field experience your payments will increase. We take the balance of your account and divide it into 8-10 equal interest-free monthly payments during your field experience.


We have partnered with Passage Preparation and the Teaching Channel so you have access to both resources as part of your iteach payment plan for teacher certification.

With our program you can begin teaching in a matter of weeks with the support of your supervisor and the iteach team of educators cheering you on to success!

iteach Indiana Total Cost

$4,399total cost

Application Fee $0
Enrollment Fee $99
Monthly While Enrolled $99
Teaching Channel $0
Test Prep $0

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