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Kids leaving school for the summer

Teachers Rejoice – Schools (Almost) Out for Summer! So What’s Next?

Summer Jobs for Teachers

For some students and teachers this date cannot come soon enough. The end of the school year is not just about being done, but it is about change, completion, endings and new beginnings. Some students move on to the next grade while some move on to college or the next stage of their lives. The thing about education is that we really never stop learning, but while school stops for the summer many teachers look for ways to make extra income. There are a number of opportunities out there, but one of the most lucrative and fun could be going on a European Tour.

EF International – Teachers Can Travel to Europe and Make Money in the Summer

In 2014, 2015 and 2016 I was a chaperone on a European trip. I’ve been to Venice, Rome, Italy, Spain, Munich, Austria and a number of other countries and places all on EF Tours. A good friend of mine who is a teacher signs students up for a summer trip and for every student that goes, he can take a friend for free or he can get paid a set fee. There are some summers where he has made $15,000 in extra revenue all by taking a bunch of students to Europe! EF International’s summer programs offer the chance to earn money while you travel.

TinkerEd – Give Feedback on Technology

Got a few minutes to spare giving feedback on technology? Then check out TinkerEd, they have jobs that pay $10 for a 15 minute survey, hey, that’s a couple of latte’s, even doing one survey a day could mean an extra $300 a month in your pocket. Here is an example of a job listing:

How Much You’ll be Paid: $40

Company: Mindsets

Job Description: Here is an exciting opportunity for you to explore a new tool that can help you provide real-world inquiry-based lessons for your students! If you are a middle school math, science, or STEM teacher, the Mindsets Learning team would like to speak to you and let you try their product in this 60 minute session conducted via video call.

Learn More at

HireMyMom – Be a Virtual Assistant, Work From Home

HireMyMom charges a small quarterly fee, but their leads/jobs are more legitimate. The time saved from doing your own hunting is worth the $29.95 quarterly fee. Here is a blurb from their website:

Do You Want to Work From Home?

Yes, but you want a trustworthy and easy way to find legitimate work from home, right?

  • You are tired of wasting your time and money
  • You’ve tried countless programs and websites to find legitimate work from home.
  • You’re frustrated and have gotten little to nothing in return.
  • You are skeptical and sick of wasting your precious time and money.
  • You just want to find a legitimate job that will pay you for doing your job.
  • You just need a chance!!!!

HireMyMom is an easy to navigate site with a lot of great options for anyone looking to work on the side and set their own schedule.

Rev – Type Your Way to Extra Cash

Rev is a company that hires people to transcribe or caption audio—from the comfort of their own home. Rev pays per audio minute, and you’ll receive your money via PayPal every Monday. The faster—and more accurately—you type, the more you can earn. You can also earn more if you know a foreign language and are able to provide subtitles for videos. What we really like about Rev is the payment is actually really competitive and you have the option to watch video or listen to audio and do the transcription. This seems to be one of those jobs that over time you will get better and faster at and while working, you will improving your listening and typing skills – bonus!

Learn More at Rev

The Princeton Review – Give Tests, Make Money

Click Here to Learn More

Rover – Walk Dogs for Additional Income

Love dogs? Want to make an extra thousand a month? Then Rover might be a great fit for you. This app allows you to walk other people’s dogs for money. It’s a flexible way to make money and the bonus is you can get in some walking for yourself at the same time – it’s almost like being paid to workout!

Dog walker in a park

There are a number of options for earning extra income in the summer. At iteach, we want to help maximize your options and bring you tools and resources for you to get the most out of not just your teaching career, but your life.

Still looking to become a teacher in Texas? Apply today with iteach and get started on your way to a great career!


Become a Teacher. Change Lives.

If you are passionate about impacting the world around you there are few places where you can influence the future as much as a teacher. Teachers have the ability to build students up and set them on a positive course that can have a ripple effect for future generations.

If you are interested in becoming a teacher, check out our online teacher certification process and you could be teaching in a matter of weeks.

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