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The Typical Teacher

Typical Teachers
August 23, 2017 Andrew Rozell

White Female Teacher - Teacher DataNew Teacher Data Findings – The “Typical” Teacher

The National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) recently released a study looking at new teacher data to measure the “Characteristics of Public Elementary and Secondary School Teachers in the United States.”

What did they find?

Simply put they found that of the 3.8 million teachers employed in 2015, most were white females. You could have probably guessed that though, right?

But is this even a problem?

We are thankful for any individual who decides to teach — it’s a tough job. But there is something missing in the classroom and school when all the teachers look the same and none of them look like some of the students.

African American Teacher - Teacher Data

Since its inception, iteachU.S. has worked diligently to recruit and train teachers who reflect the community in which they serve.

To do this we, in large part, leverage technology to provide convenient training for individuals in their own community where universities are difficult to attend.

Each year our minority enrollment increases as does our male enrollment. We will continue to work hard to diversify the classroom and empower anyone who wants to be a teacher!

Highlights from Teacher Data:

  • 3.8 Million Teachers in 2015-2016
  • 80% White (iteachU.S. has a 56% White enrollment)
  • 77% Female (iteachU.S. has a 66% Female enrollment)
  • 47% Hold Master’s Degree (41% Bachelor degree)
  • Average class size:
    • 21 students in primary schools
    • 14 students in middle schools
    • 15 students in high schools
  • Teachers spend 53 hours per week on school-related activities. (Whoa!)
  • Average pay $55,100

What are you thoughts on this data? Do you think it is important to recruit, train and retain a diverse and representative population of teachers?

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