Get More Value with iteach

Lock in your pricing before January 15th, 2023 and save $149!

More Value with iteach
December 14, 2022 Melissa Poliseno

Lock in your 2022 pricing by enrolling in iteach before January 15th

If you’ve been thinking about applying to iteach, or if you’ve applied but haven’t yet enrolled, now is the time to make the commitment. Applying and enrolling in the iteach Educator Preparation Program will bring you one step closer to the rewarding career you’ve always wanted. Take advantage of downtime during the holidays to begin the program and you could be teaching by Spring 2023.

If you complete your requirements (apply, submit transcripts, get accepted, and enroll), you can lock in our current program pricing before the cost increases on January 15th, 2023. 

Current Pricing:

  • $4250 for our monthly payment plan
  • $4750 for our deferred plan

New Pricing After January 15th:

  • $4399 for our monthly payment plan
  • $4899 for our deferred plan

Save $149!! It’s still free to apply and only $99 to enroll.

Faster and More Convenient Support

In 2023 we will continue to build upon our current program to bring you more value. We have made many improvements in the past few months to improve your experience. This includes hiring additional customer service staff members to serve you faster. We have also added a very popular chat service to our website to get your questions answered conveniently. We aim to provide more individualized attention and one-on-one care throughout your certification journey.

Feel Confident with Mentorship from Experienced Field Supervisors

Going into 2023, we have many qualified field supervisors employed through iteach. A field supervisor’s role is to mentor first-year teachers. They observe our program candidates in a classroom setting and provide tangible feedback. They also check in frequently to offer encouragement and answer questions. They love to give back by guiding new teachers and supporting them as they learn and grow. Hear first-hand from some of our field supervisors.

Get Individualized Attention from Experienced Course Instructors

Did you know that iteach has experienced course instructors that will help you along the way? That’s right. You don’t need to do this training alone! These professional men and women pride themselves on building important relationships with our teaching candidates in the program. They see their role as more than just teaching an online class or grading papers. They understand that there is a bigger picture to what they do that has a ripple effect for future generations. Our instructors feel passionate about ensuring that every new teacher is confident and well-prepared to step into the classroom. Here is what some of our iteach course instructors had to say about why they love what they do.

Become a Teacher. Change Lives.

If you are passionate about impacting the world around you there are few places where you can influence the future as much as a teacher. Teachers have the ability to build students up and set them on a positive course that can have a ripple effect for future generations.

If you are interested in becoming a teacher, check out our online teacher certification process and you could be teaching in a matter of weeks.

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