Litterati and Teachers

How Small Things Can Make a BIG Impact

Litterati, Trash and how Small Things Can Make a BIG Impact
July 1, 2019 Eddie Renz

Teachers Can Change the World for the Better

I like to see things that change the world around us for the better. That is why I like being on college campuses and institutions that promote learning. Being educated helps us understand the world around us better. Education can help us understand ourselves and others better. With knowledge, we can learn to love others and see them as individuals and not as groups or demographics. So what does this have to do with an app that is about picking up litter?

Teachers Make Big Impact with Everyday Little Things

As I was watching this Ted Talk one of the things that stood out to me is that the creator of the app had involved his children in picking up trash, then teachers were involving students and along the way they had created this online community of people who were doing small things that were making a big impact. I believe that is what teachers do. In the day to day, you might not think that teaching history is changing the world, but over time the impact you are having can be colossal. It is hard to capture the data around teaching and the trajectory on a students life, but we have all heard the stories of the teacher that changed the course of a students life – and sometimes we have stories of our own.

So back to Litterati, what is great about this story was that it started as just a fun way to clean up the earth, but eventually it led to a secondary benefit and that was data that could help change the way businesses do business. Data that was collected was used in a court case and later they found that Taco Bell was giving out hot sauce packets that weren’t being used. I believe that education has this same impact. What we think is just a small thing, ends up being something that changes not only one individual’s life, but the lives of everyone that person comes into contact with.

Dan Lok – How a Teacher Changed his Life

Entrepreneur and author Dan Lok shares a life-changing moment with his teacher Ms. Fallon who saw in him the potential he never saw in himself. This is a story about the power of teachers.

“Never underestimate the power of someone believing in you more than you believe in yourself.” – Dan Lok

How a Coach and Teacher Changed Dwayne The Rock Johnson’s Life

Jody Swick invited The Rock to play football. His coach became a father figure and mentor and changed his life. His grades got better. He started to think about his future and goals. The empathy that Jody Swick had for him was what impacted Dwayne Johnson the most. Seeing the potential in students even when they can’t see the potential in themselves can change their lives.

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