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The Value of Reviews

Seeking out iteach reviews is a great way for you to determine if iteach is the best program for you to choose when determining a teacher certification program.

Though you can learn a lot about iteach on our website, it can be extremely helpful to hear from someone who went through our program.

The main two sources for you, the public, to see our reviews is our iteachTEXAS Facebook Reviews and iteachTEXAS Google Reviews. Both sources can not be curated or edited by iteach. We cannot delete poor reviews.

As of the time of this blog being published our iteach Review on Facebook was 4.8.

And our iteach Review on Google was 4.4
As important as it is for you to view our reviews, it is equally important to search for the reviews of other Texas Teacher certification programs’ reviews. You will find that some other programs have removed reviews from Facebook (the only way to ensure bad reviews are not posted).

We encourage you to do research. What you will ultimately find is that our program is the lowest cost, nationally accredited program in the state with some of the highest rated reviews. Additionally, iteach provides our candidates a 600% greater likelihood of being hired (as compared to Texas Teachers).

Our candidates are 600% more likely to be hired

Apart from our great public reviews, below are some quotes from people just like you who have completed our program:

iteach Reviews 

“I’m so glad that I listened to my friend when she recommended iteach. I learned a lot through iteach that helped me in my first year of teaching. I love all of the employees at iteach. They were accessible at all hours of the day and every day of the week. Thank you iteach for guiding me on my path to becoming better at the career that I had always dreamed of; being a teacher with my own classroom and students to love and teach.” – Kim B.

“I started with a different alternative certification program, but when I constantly hit dead ends with them compiled with the fact that they lost my work (twice!), I reached out to iteach at the recommendation of a friend and my school district. iTeach was a great experience all the way through, and they made the transition easy!” 2017-2018 Program Completer

“iTeach in my experience has been amazing. I was more than prepared to walk into my first day of school, as well as every other day. My field adviser was phenomenal, and helped in more ways than one. I have and would recommend iteach to anyone else who asks.” – Moniqua W.

I researched several alternative teaching certification programs. iteach was the program that seemed the most beneficial, affordable, and appropriate program for me. After visiting with several other students who were enrolled in other cert programs, I became even more thankful that I had chosen iteach. I am 100% happy with the program and have shared my success with many others looking at going into the teaching field.” – 2017-2018 Program Completer

“iTeach is may seem like an ordinary online Alternative Certification Program but it does an excellent job preparing candidates to be life-long educators. Whenever a substitute teacher has questions about certification, I always take the time to explain the great service I received from iTeach Texas. My supervisor was very personable and helpful with her encouraging words. Every time I had a concern about which tests to take, I could always count on iteach customer service to respond quickly to me. I am more than happy to endorse iTeach as an ACP because it has been a blessing in my life. Thank you, iTeach!” – Rod T.

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