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iteach Candidate Follows in Her Parent’s Footsteps 

iteach Candidate Follows in Her Parent’s Footsteps 

Madie McGregor always knew she wanted to work with kids. After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in psychology, she became a Registered Behavioral Technician (RBT). Through her experience as an RBT, she realized that the profession didn’t allow her to connect with the patients she was working with the way she desired. 

When thinking about a profession that would allow her to build deeper connections with elementary-aged children, she considered teaching. Before determining the best route, she consulted some trusted allies… her parents.

In 2006, Ms. McGregor’s mother was looking for a career change and made the transition to teaching, and then 14 years after that, her father, a former youth pastor, followed the same path. The throughline for her parents’ experiences was getting their alternative teacher certification through iteach. 

“When I was talking with my parents about becoming a teacher, they told me how in-depth the iteach program was and how well it prepared them to be teachers,” said McGregor. “Not only did iteach prepare them to be teachers, but it prepared them to be successful teachers, and both of them have received district awards.”

How iteach Prepared Her for the Classroom

Ms. McGregor started the iteach program in Spring 2023 and began her placement as a first-grade teacher at Partin Elementary in Van Alstyne ISD this Fall. She feels her experience matches similarly to that of her parents.

“[iteach] definitely does prepare you really well to be in the classroom,” said Ms. McGregor. “Of course, there is the initial shock of being a first-year teacher, but there were resources to fall back on and things that I could look back at from the courses I completed that really helped.”

Ms. McGregor is also thankful for the support of her field supervisor throughout her first semester. “She has been super super supportive,” said Ms. McGregor. “I have been able to reach out and ask her questions, and she always replies in a timely manner to share good resources and responses. She has provided things I can work on to become a better teacher, but she also provides me with support and praise in the areas where I am doing well.”

iteach matches candidates in most states with field supervisors who come to observe their classes several times a semester. Field supervisors also support first-year teachers to answer any questions and provide a listening ear during their field experience.

How Ms. McGregor is Navigating Year One

“I am really enjoying building relationships with the kids and knowing that I am impacting their education,” said Ms. McGregor.

The students and the relationships she builds with them motivate her to stay in the classroom. Being able to see her students every day and watch them grow, succeed, and reach their individual goals is something she remains thankful for and motivated by.

Advice for New & Potential Educators 

For those in their first year of teaching, Ms. McGregor recommends hanging in there and finding a good support system and someone you can fall back on and ask questions to. And for those considering going into the profession, she says, “Just do it! It is super rewarding. The iteach program prepares you and gives you everything you need to be successful as a teacher.”

Thank you, Ms. McGregor, for your kind words and for the daily impact you are having on your students.

Follow her advice and “Just do it!”

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