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  • Mike Smith Learners Edge Executive Vice President

    Mike A. Smith

    - by Eddie Renz

    Michael oversees continuing education and professional development for the organization, including defining strategic initiatives. His primary focus areas include product…

  • Heather Rozell
  • Kelvin Bonneau

    Kelvin Bonneau

    - by Andrew Rozell

    Kelvin is a certified Texas educator with a Bachelor’s Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies from the University of North Texas. During…

  • Abby McElroy

    Abby McElroy, MHR

    - by Andrew Rozell

    Abby joined the iteach family in February 2021 as a Program Representative for Texas. Abby has graduated with both a…

  • Katy Bauer

    Katy Bauer

    - by Andrew Rozell

    Katy Bauer works in the Admissions Department at iteach. In this role, she and her team members review the many…

  • Rachel David

    Rachel David, M.S.

    - by Andrew Rozell

    Rachel is an Academic Advisor with the Admissions team. She guides candidates in the admissions process and reviews applications. She…

  • Stephanie Scheich iteach

    Stephanie Scheich

    - by Andrew Rozell

    Stephanie is the Certification Coordinator for iteachTEXAS. She has been with iteach since 2018. She came to iteach with 20…

  • Peggy Allen

    Peggy Allen

    - by Andrew Rozell

    Peggy was raised in Iowa and went to college in Minneapolis for a couple of years studying Behavioral Sciences.  She…

  • Meredith Sherwood

    Meredith Sherwood

    - by Andrew Rozell

    Meredith graduated from Texas Tech university in 1996 and started her teaching career in Lubbock, TX.  Along the way, she…

  • John Omelan

    John Omelan, M.Ed.

    - by Andrew Rozell

    John Omelan has 27 years of educational experience.  During that time he has been a teacher, an assistant principal, principal…