Conflict Resolution Policy

State Disclosures – Conflict Resolution Policy

You will find specific disclosures that are provided by the state to ensure you fully understand the background check requirements, the current teacher shortages and consumer information about iteach.

Conflict Resolution Policy – iteachUS

iteachUS continually strives to provide the best service possible. If you have any complaint regarding the iteachUS program, please submit your concerns in writing within 10 working days of the occurrence to:

Zach Rozell
[email protected] or
Zach Rozell
PO BOX 1626
Denton TX 76202

In an effort to resolve any issues, the program complaint policy must be the first course of action taken.  Prior to filing or posting a complaint via a different entity, website, or publication, the candidate must first comply with the program complaint policy.  No other party can used.

The written complaint must clearly state the facts that are the subject of the complaint. In your correspondence, please provide your current role (candidate, principal, etc.).  Also citation of State Administrative Code, State Education Code or the Letter of Agreement violation must be included in the complaint.

The candidate’s concerns are shared with other members of the management team. A member of the management team will then visit with the candidate’s instructor, field supervisor and campus administrator, if applicable, and the candidate to gather all the facts related to the complaint.  The candidate’s entire file will be provided to the Review Committee for review.

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