Texas Alternative
Teacher Certification Cost

If you are hoping to pursue alternative teacher certification in Texas, you may be wondering: what does alternative teacher certification cost?

While often significantly less expensive and faster than traditional teacher certification, there are still costs associated with alternative teacher certification.

Let’s take a look at what it costs to earn your certification in Texas through an alternative pathway. We will explore certification fees, program fees, and miscellaneous fees so you have a complete picture of what pursuing alternative certification costs.

How Much Does Alternative Teacher Certification Cost in Texas?

If you want to earn your certification to teach in Texas through alternative teacher certification, you will need to pay certain fees. These fees include the cost of your certification, the cost of tests required to demonstrate your content and pedagogical knowledge, and the cost of your alternative teacher certification program.

Let’s examine each in more detail.

Texas Teacher Certification Fees

There are a number of fees required to earn teacher certification in Texas. Here are the types of fees you can expect to pay when pursuing alternative teacher certification:

  • Certification exam: To earn your teacher certification in Texas, you’re required to pass an exam called the TExEs in the subject area in which you seek certification.
  • Background check and fingerprinting: All Texas teachers are required to undergo a background check and fingerprinting to ensure the safety of students.
  • Intern certificate: Depending on your alternative teacher certification program, you may complete an intern year. If you have to complete an internship, you must pay a fee for your Iintern certificate.
  • Pedagogy and professional responsibilities (PPR) exam: All teachers in Texas are required to pass the pedagogy and professional responsibilities (PPR) exam before earning their license. This exam measures your knowledge of theory and pedagogy to make sure you’re prepared to teach.
  • Standard certificate: Once you have passed the required examinations and completed your alternative teacher certification program, you will be eligible to apply for your Standard certificate.

Here is a breakdown of what each fee typically costs:

Certification exam $116
Background check & fingerprinting $52.25
Intern certificate $78
PPR test $116
Standard certificate $78

The costs outlined above are required of every individual who wants to earn certification in Texas. They do not include the cost of completing an alternative teacher certification program or additional fees, like test preparation.

In the next section, we’ll examine the fees associated with an alternative teacher certification program. Alternative Teacher Certification Program Fees If you want to become a teacher in Texas but didn’t complete an Educator Preparation Program at a university, you’ll need to complete an alternative teacher certification program. These programs are organizations that have been approved by the Texas government to train teachers.

There are several approved alternative teacher certification programs in Texas. Each program has its own curriculum, its own application process, and its own costs. You can compare different programs to find the program that’s right for you.

If you are considering applying to an alternative teacher certification program, it’s important to understand the fees associated. Here are some typical costs you might encounter in an alternative teacher certification program. Remember, these costs are in addition to the costs of obtaining your certification outlined in the previous section.

  • Application fee: Some programs require you to pay a small fee to consider their application.
  • Enrollment fee: Some programs require you to pay a fee upon acceptance of your application. This fee saves your spot in the program.
  • Program fee: Most (if not all) alternative teacher certification programs require you to pay a program fee. This fee covers the cost of your training and support during the program. Often, program fees are significantly less expensive than the cost of tuition for an education program in a traditional university.


iteach Alternative Teacher Certification Program Fees

iteach helps individuals of all backgrounds transition into meaningful careers in education.

If you pursue alternative teacher certification in Texas through iteach,
you can expect to pay the following costs:

Application fee:$0
Enrollment fee: $99
Program fee: $4,449

iteach has flexible payment options to help support your teaching journey. It costs $0 to apply to iteach. Once your application has been accepted, you must pay $99 to secure your enrollment.

iteach’s program fee is $4,499. Once you begin to study with iteach, you will pay $99/month until you start your field experience. Once you begin your field experience, where you will work as a teacher of record for full pay, you will pay off the remainder of your program fee in interest-free installments over your two semester residency.

Additional Fees

You may run into some additional fees beyond what we’ve covered above when pursuing alternative teacher certification in Texas.

One of the most common additional costs is preparation for your exams. Depending on the breadth of curriculum in your alternative teacher certification program, you may have to pay for supplementary materials to help ensure you pass your exams. These materials may include books, practice exams, or preparation courses.

However, iteach offers Passage Preparation courses for all candidates for free so you can be ready for your content and pedagogy exams.

Cost Comparison: Alternative Certification vs. Traditional Education Degree

For many hopeful teachers, alternative teacher certification programs are both faster and less expensive than traditional education pathways.

If you pursue a traditional teacher certification in Texas, you will need to earn a Bachelor’s degree. The average tuition cost for students in Texas starts at about $8,600 per year for in-state public universities. If you are attending a private university, the cost of tuition is much higher.

That cost does not include room and board, which can tack on anywhere from $10,000 to $50,000 per year depending on the program. Because traditional education programs often take four years, the cost of a traditional Bachelor’s degree in education can cost anywhere from $80,000 to $260,000. This amount does not include your Texas teacher certification fees.

So, to sum up, a typical alternative certification program costs about $5,000, not including certification fees, and takes around a year. A traditional certification program costs $80,000+ and takes around four years.


What to Consider About Alternative Teacher Certification Cost

While alternative teacher certification programs are less expensive than traditional certification programs, they are still a significant investment. It’s important to understand how to make a financially sound decision when deciding whether or not to pursue your teacher certification.

Here are several factors you should keep in mind when evaluating this potential career pathway:

  • Salary growth potential: Research the average salaries for teachers in Texas, taking into account factors like location, experience, and subject area. Compare your potential salary against the costs associated with certification to see if the investment is worthwhile.
  • Career opportunities: Thinking about the long-term benefits of earning your alternative teacher certification. What are the opportunities for career advancement and professional development? What is job stability like in the teaching profession?
  • Personal financial circumstances: While an alternative teacher certification program is significantly less expensive than a Bachelor’s degree, it is still an investment. Consider your personal financial circumstances when applying. Will you be able to afford the application and/or enrollment fee? 


By planning ahead, you can make sure you have the resources to complete your alternative teacher certification in Texas without experiencing significant financial distress. 


Texas Alternative Teacher Certification Cost: Final Thoughts

Earning your teaching license in Texas involves a number of costs.

You will have to pay set fees to obtain your Texas teacher certification. You will also need to pay the cost of your alternative teacher certification program. You may also encounter additional costs around test preparation and exams.

It’s important to understand these costs when deciding whether or not to pursue alternative teacher certification in Texas.

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