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At iteach, our goal is to make teacher certification as simple as possible for you Download our Texas Teacher Alternative Certification Guide now. This free guide will walk you through the steps to become a certified teacher, quickly and affordably.

The Road to Texas Teacher Certification is Simple

  • Apply and Enroll
  • Train and Prepare
  • Teach with Full Pay
  • Get Licensed

Apply and Enroll

1-2 Weeks on Average

It’s time to be the teacher
you’ve always wanted to be.

Train and Prepare

8-12 Weeks on Average

Once you enroll, complete the following requirements to start teaching in the classroom.

Teach with Full Pay

1 year

You will complete a one-year (two-semester) paid residency/ field experience where you will be employed full-time as a teacher in your content field. In this position, you receive the salary and benefits of a first-year teacher.

Get Licensed

2-4 Weeks on Average

  • Submit official university transcripts with your GPA
  • Identify content area based on your college coursework
  • Complete Introductory Course 5000.01
  • Pay your $99 enrollment fee
  • Acknowledge your Letter of Agreement
Online and Self-Paced Pre-Hire Instructional Coursework

Pre-hire courses include:

  • TCTX 5100 – Learning Environments
  • TCTX 5200 – Learner Development
  • TCTX 5300 – Planning Instruction & Assessments
Pass your Content Exam(s)

Download our test preparation guide to pass your state-required exams with ease. We know testing can be stressful, but we have been there and are here to help you.

Complete 30 Hours of Observation
  • 15 hours must be completed online through your free access to Teaching Channel’s video library
  • 15 hours must be completed in an Early Childhood through grade 12 setting
Set up your Payment Plan

As you budget, bear in mind there are some additional state-required fees that you will pay to outside agencies or companies.

  • Certification Exams – $116 (additional fees may apply)
  • Background Check / Fingerprinting – $52.20
  • Intern Certificate – $78
  • Standard Certificate – $78
Once everything is complete, you can access your Statement of Eligibility for hire.
Prepare for Your Residency
  • You must secure your own residency/ field experience position through a Texas Education Agency (TEA) approved school district application and interview process. Obtain your job in any public, charter, or TEA-recognized private school.
  • Check out our teacher job board to find opportunities near you.
Supervision and Mentoring During Residency

During the residency/ field experience, you will be assigned a highly experienced supervisor who will visit your classroom periodically, offer guidance and support, and work closely with the campus administration to ensure you are successful.

Instructional Coaching During Residency

iteach will provide you with 1:1 content-specific instructional coaching to hone your teaching techniques.

Clinical Teaching Option
  • iteach offers an intensive unpaid 14-week, five-day-a-week, full-day clinical teaching option to help you hone your teaching and classroom management skills in an expedited timeline.
  • Our statewide clinical program is designed to provide placement based on the content area(s) you have demonstrated mastery of.
  • iteach secures the clinical placement for you.
  • Clinical placements take place in the Spring semester, and you must apply for your placement in the Fall.
Complete Coursework:

  • TCTX 5400 Literacy and 21st Century Instruction
  • TCTX 5500 Learner Differences and Special Needs
  • TCTX 5600 Diverse Populations,  English Language Learners and Bilingual Students
  • TCTX 5700 Residency-specific course, during your first year in the classroom
  • TCTX 5800 Comprehensive Program Review
  • Successfully complete your field experience
  • Pass your Professional Pedagogy and Responsibility (PRP) exam
  • Paid your iteach program fee in full

    Superior Value for Your Investment

    Our program provides a high-quality, accessible and affordable pathway to alternative teaching certification with added benefits to prepare you for the classroom.

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    Built in Benefits to Enrich Your Learning

    We have partnered with Passage Preparation, Teaching Channel and American College of Education to provide you more value as an educator.

    High-quality test preparation is free for iteach candidates to help you pass your exams with ease.

    Access to a 1600+ video library of teaching tools & resources for observation and continuing education.

    Upon completing the iteach certification program, you can apply up to 12 credits toward American College of Education graduate programs.

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