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Florida Teacher Certification


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We are here for you through every step of the process to certification. Our research-based curriculum and high-quality supervisors will help you feel highly prepared to succeed in the classroom.

Below are the requirements for acceptance into the iteach alternative teacher certification program.

Requirements for Program Admission

Bachelor’s Degree

You must hold a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university that is recognized by the Florida Department of Education.

GPA Requirement

Your undergraduate GPA must be a minimum of 2.50, OR Minimum 2.50 GPA in the last 60 hours of your undergrad classes.

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Email your official transcripts to  or mail official copies to PO Box 1626 Denton, TX 76202.  If you don’t have your transcripts, visit your college or university website and request transcripts from your school’s registrar.


Complete TCFL Introductory Course 5000


Pay your $99 enrollment fee


Acknowledge your Letter of Agreement

Complete CG10 Application

The Florida Department of Education (FLDOE) requires a separate application through the state.

Submit your Statement of Eligibility to iteach once CG10 is completed.


Apply Today

You could be the next success story.

Identification of

Content Area

Your content area is identified on your Statement of Eligibility based on your successful passing score on the FTCE content exam in your desired area of study.

We know testing can be stressful, but we have been there and are here to help you with free test preparation resources.

Florida Teacher Certification

Content Areas
Other Requirements


  • Pass a background check
  • Pre-screening intruVIEW
  • Correspond using your personal email account
  • Access to a personal (not school) computer
  • Add to your contacts list
  • Verification of Work Authorization Status

If not a U.S. citizen, verification of lawful permanent residence and a copy of current Green Card must be provided at the time of application with at least two years of employment eligibility.

Outside of United States

Graduate Requirements

Graduates from a university outside the United States or U.S. territories must provide:

  • The Florida Department of Education provides a list of foreign credential review companies that iteach will accept. An original Foreign Credential Review from an approved agency. We cannot accept transcripts from a foreign university. The evaluation credential review must include a U.S. equivalency for each credential, a course-by-course analysis, and a GPA of credit hours. 
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