Texas COVID-19 Update

March 19, 2020 Eddie Renz
Young Boy washing hands to prevent coronavirus

Texas COVID-19 Update

I can remember September 11th, 2001. I remember where I was, what I was doing, and what my first thought was when I heard the news. In an instant, life changed forever.  9/11 was a moment in time that dramatically shifted the way we lived.  I have also lived through Y2K, which we can all look back at and say that life didn’t really change all that much entering into the 21st Century. However, I’m pretty sure my mom still has some of the rice and bottled water we had stored up from that time in her garage.  The challenge we are facing today with the Coronavirus is this question – will life change forever? Or will we look back in a few months and say it was just another flu bug?

The reality is that wisdom lies somewhere between panic or denial.

We are working in an uncertain time that changes hour to hour. When information is received, decisions will need to be made, and we may need to change the way we move forward.

Pearson Vue Test Suspended

For any candidates who plan to take Pearson VUE exams, please be advised that all tests are currently suspended until April 16. This suspension is a response to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and may be extended, if necessary.

If you already have an exam scheduled before April 16, consider rescheduling for a later date. You will receive an email, relaying the message that your upcoming exam date is canceled. You have two options:

  • Reschedule your exam for a later date or,
  • Request a full refund

If you are not currently scheduled to take an exam, please check the Pearson VUE website on April 16 for updates. At this time, you will be able to see if new exam appointments may be scheduled.

2019-2020 STAAR Testing

On Monday, the Texas Education Agency announced that students will not be taking the State of Texas Assessment of Academic Readiness (STAAR), which is a required test for elementary through high school level students.

This decision was made to help alleviate student stress in response to state-wide school district closures, due to the spreading Coronavirus. Updated guidelines are expected to be in place by this Thursday, so please stay tuned for further communications.

Want to learn more? Click HERE.

TEA Coronavirus Updates

Get the latest updates from TEA related to School Closings, Superintendent Debriefs, and General Public Health Resources. For additional information, click HERE.

Governor Abbott has closed all schools until April 6, 2020. Article HERE.

Teacher Certification

There has been limited direction provided to Educator Preparation Programs, as the state’s primary focus is on students and their wellbeing. As we get information, as it relates to educator cortication, we will continue to update our Announcements within your candidate portal.

Please know that we are advocating on your behalf but fall under the authority of the Texas Education Agency, the State Board of Education and the State Board of Certification. We know you all have questions and as we are provided answers, we will update you.

Please keep in mind that now is a great time to continue working on your Instructional Coursework and your online Observation Hours.

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