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The Premiere Route to Certification

The vision of iteachU.S. is to establish the premier route to certification by enhancing the capacity of the teaching profession to provide equal educational opportunities for all segments of the culture. The program strives to prepare caring, effective, and competent professional educators, committed to leading others to lifelong learning. With the desire to diversify the teaching force, particularly in urban and rural areas, and by addressing regional and subject-specific teacher shortages, iteachU.S. promises to provide a solution to the multifaceted problem of educating all students regardless of zip code for multicultural and global learning communities.

All Students Deserve Highly Effective Teachers

Over the past 17 years iteach has helped tens of thousands of individuals earn a teaching license and achieve the dream of becoming a teacher. Beyond simply helping teachers find a new career in the classroom, iteach has provided highly effective teachers that outperform most institutions to hundreds of schools.  In the pursuit to help in the national teacher shortage crisis, iteach continues to seek new partners (state agencies, school systems, charter schools, etc.) that share our passion: that all students deserve highly effective teachers that empower student achievement. If you share this passion and mission with us, we welcome a conversation about jointly addressing this critical, time-sensitive need. As a nationally accredited (CAEP) program working outside the limitations of higher education, we can quickly position ourselves to serve your district and teachers in a customized, flexible and responsive manner.

Online Instructional Coursework

Anywhere and any time. The iteach curriculum is pedagogically focused.

Decrease Cost of Certification

Career changers can complete instructional coursework while currently employed without losing their salary or benefits.

Nationally Accredited Program

Only non-IHE to obtain national accreditation through the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE/CAEP) thus demonstrating rigor of program and alignment with standards similar to traditional university programs.

Graduate Credit

Coursework can be used for nine graduate hours of credit towards a master’s degree at Grand Canyon University or Chaminade University.

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