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A Step-by-Step Guide

1. Complete the ARL Requirements

Before you can complete a job application with the Clark County School District, you must earn an ARL Completion Certificate and you can earn this certificate through the iteach Nevada program! To do so, you must complete the following:

  1. Enroll in iteach Nevada and Complete Course 5000 & 5100
  2. Demonstrate Basic Skills Competency
  3. Demonstrate Subject Area Competency
  4. Demonstrate Classroom Experience
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Practicum & Observation

There are two routes to completion of the practicum and observation requirement. Regardless of route, you will be assigned an iteach-trained field supervisor who will support and coach you as you strengthen your classroom management, lesson planning, and instructional skills. Your field supervisor will also serve as a required reference on your application.

2. Complete the CCSD Application & Apply to Teaching Jobs

The Clark County School District makes it super easy for you to get into the hiring pool! Candidates complete an application on the Teach Vegas website.  The initial application takes only a couple of minutes to complete and you will received a login that allows you to complete the information and upload documents at your leisure.

Apply to Teach.Vegas
Upload Documents
Submit References
Apply for Positions
Prepare for Interview

3. Interview

Congratulations on being selected for an interview! You have put in the necessary work to earn an ARL Certificate and you have successfully applied to CCSD – it all leads up to this moment and now it is time to shine!

Remember these tips when interviewing for positions:

SMILE – This might sound simple, but it conveys a positive disposition that principals love!

PREPARE – Get to know the school you are applying for! Review the school’s website to learn more about what makes the school unique – show principals you care about their school!

BE CONFIDENT – Exuding confidence gives reason for the principal to have confidence in you! You have put in the work, you have passed the exams, you deserve a shot at the job!

Find a list of schools here


If selected for a teaching position, the principal will recommend you for hire and you will receive an email with directions for next steps in the CCSD Hiring Process.

Teacher in the Interview Process in Vegas

4. Obtain a Nevada Teaching License

After you have been hired, you will need to apply for your ARL License with the Nevada Department of Education (NV DOE). The application process is now online! Click Here to Apply

There is a fee of $180, and includes the fingerprinting fee. Upon payment, you will receive an Authorization to LIVE SCAN form that you will take to CCSD for fingerprinting. The fingerprinting process allows both the NV DOE and CCSD to complete a background check.

You will also need to upload the following documents to your NV DOE online account:

Competency Testing Reports
ARL Certificate

5. Teaching Contract

After you have applied for your teaching license and completed the background check, CCSD can present you with an official teaching contract! You will begin teaching and have the ability to teach on your ARL Teaching License for up to three years.

Before the end of the third year, you must convert your license to a Standard Teaching License to remain in the classroom by completing assigned coursework and our team at iteach will be standing by to assist you in this endeavor!


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