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Frequently Asked Questions

You may apply at any time; iteach does not have any application deadlines.

It is your responsibility to request that your transcripts be sent to iteach; iteach does not request transcripts on your behalf. If you already have official transcripts, you may mail them directly to iteach. Send transcripts to:


P.O. Box 1626

Denton, Texas 76202

You may also upload a secure official electronic version of your transcripts, if the transcripts have been verified through a service such eScrip- Safe, Parchment Exchange, Credential Solutions and/or National Student Clearinghouse. iteach will not accept unofficial transcripts, which includes a scan or a photocopy of a transcript.

Your university may email official electronic transcripts to

Mail your transcripts and other application materials to:


P.O. Box 1626

Denton, Texas 76202

To enroll in the iteach program, you must have a minimum graduating GPA of 2.5 or a GPA of 2.5 in your last 60 hours of college coursework in most states. If you are unsure whether you meet this requirement, you can evaluate your GPA using our GPA calculator tool.

Graduate courses taken at an accredited college or university may be included in your calculation for your GPA in your last 60 hours of coursework.

If you do not meet the minimum GPA requirement, you will need to take additional undergraduate or graduate coursework in order to improve your GPA in your last 60 hours of coursework.

Review requirements in your state to learn more.

At this time we are not approved to accept the Post 911 GI Bill.

The total program cost is $4,399. Some states have a different pricing structure, and the cost is less than $4399. Visit the state you want to be certified in to get all the program details for your specific state.

Most states require a $99 enrollment fee and a commitment to monthly payments while completing the program once the field experience begins.

Visit the state you want to be certified in to get the accurate enrollment cost details for your specific state.

No, iteach is not an institution of higher education. Therefore, the program does not qualify for financial aid.

No. Teacher hiring decisions are made by school principals and district administrators. Therefore, no teacher certification program, including iteach can guarantee you a teaching position.

iteach does provide you with the hiring document to prospective employers that you are eligible for a Temporary License; this is an essential part of the application process for unlicensed teachers. In addition, we provide information about the school hiring process and notify candidates about teacher openings to give you the best chance of finding a teaching job.

You must complete your instructional coursework before the end of your two-semester teaching residency. The whole iteach program is designed to be completed within one school year, but you have two full school years to find a teaching position while enrolled in iteach.

Apply. Train. Teach.

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