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Our Mission

To be a trusted partner committed to providing joy of learning, positively impacting student achievement, and preparing educators for a lifetime of success.

Our Vision

To develop premier educators to positively impact growth of self and students.

Get to Know Us…

At Learners Edge, iteach, and Teaching Channel, we are a mission-driven organization uniquely situated to respond to opportunities in the education market related to individual, district, and state education requirements.  We have an extensive network of partners and professional learning communities.  Additionally, our organization has a robust collection of academic content, a broad customer base, a significant market reach, and substantial investment in technology and systems.

With our corporate office in Eagan, MN and another in Denton, TX, the organization offers a nationwide platform with the ability to adjust quickly to changing regulatory guidelines, state requirements, and the professional learning needs of educators. The organization is comprised of three divisions united through acquisition to meet the needs of educator development at every step of the teacher lifecycle.

Organization Overview

Founded by teachers, for teachers, Learners Edge, iteach and Teaching Channel identified a better way to utilize technology to improve certification, training, coaching, and career advancement.!

Benefits and Perks

We care about you and want to support all that you do!

Competitive Compensation

We offer competitive salaries, incentives and a 401 (k) offering.


We offer great benefits to support our team and their family members.

Unlimited paid time off

We value your dedication and want you to have the ability to take time when you need it.

Diversity and Inclusion

Learners Edge, iteach and Teaching Channel is committed to hiring a diverse workforce where every team member feels heard and valued.

Learning and Development

Team members are offered annual professional development and learning opportunities.

Team Building

We hold regular team meetings and host virtual and in-person activities to foster employee engagement and connection

Our Core Values

Be ALL-IN with Educators

  • Support the learner’s journey
  • Do the right thing for our customers
  • Communicate transparently with the customer
  • Innovate with the customer in mind
  • Value the customer’s opinions and ideas
  • Create & provide best-in-class, applicable, up-to-date content
  • Celebrate teachers and learning

Do Your Best Work

  • Keep the customer at the center
  • Take initiative
  • Utilize your strengths
  • Act with integrity
  • Share your creative ideas
  • Seek growth opportunities for continuous improvement

Play Well with Others

  • Build positive and fun connections with staff, customers, and partners
  • Assume positive intent
  • Communicate with transparency
  • Trust each other
  • Collaborate to meet common goals
  • Value the opinions, experience and strengths of others

Pursue Happiness

  • Bring excitement, energy, and laughter everyday
  • Encourage work/life balance through flexibility
  • Value and celebrate team and individual contributions
  • Set and work towards goals to ensure personal fulfillment
  • Do something each day that makes you happy
  • Party like kindergarten students

All are Welcome and Accepted

  • Insist on a culture of respect, dignity, and acceptance
  • Celebrate and embrace the uniqueness of your colleagues
  • Empower individuals to honor heritage and holidays, in and out of the workplace
  • Build robust teams with diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds, rich experiences and exceptional talents
  • Encourage educators to expand equity and culturally responsive teaching in the classroom

What Our Team Members Say…

  • I decided to join LE after having taught in elementary classrooms for 16 years. I love the field of education and working at LE gave me the opportunity to continue making an impact on teaching and learning from outside the classroom. What gives me the most joy is seeing teachers’ reactions after they’ve taken a course or watched a webinar and were able to use what they learned to help students. What we do has an incredibly powerful impact on students all over the world! I am proud to be part of a team that works to provide best-in-class, relevant learning experiences and celebrates our superhero educators!

    Marcee Harris
    Marcee HarrisProfessional Learning Specialist, Learners Edge
  • Through my work at Teaching Channel, I love being able to positively impact the growth of educators at every point in their career. I find joy and inspiration in the diversity of my work designing, providing, and promoting flexible professional learning options for others, and knowing the impact that has students.

    Cherry S. Thompson
    Cherry S. ThompsonRegional Vice President, Teaching Channel
  • Learner’s Edge and iteach US is a company that fosters the development of the whole teacher. We apply a critical lens to an educator’s content, so that they will do the same for American students. As a former teacher and principal, making the choice to join the Learner’s Edge was simple because we both know that at the heart of every great classroom, is a great teacher.

    Kimberly Thaggard Ph.D.
    Kimberly Thaggard Ph.D.Western Region Program Director, iteach
  • I love working at Learners Edge and consider myself very lucky to be part of this company. Education has always been a huge passion of mine and working with educators to help reach their professional and educational goals is something I take pride in.  I love the work/life balance LE offers and the relationships I have developed over the years with my co-workers.  I truly enjoy what I do each day and have fun doing it. I’m very happy to call Learners Edge my work home!

    Katie Dammann
    Katie DammannLearners Edge
  • I like the dedicated people I work with and the great collaboration we share in developing creative solutions and improving the experiences of our customers on our website.

    Joel Patros
    Joel PatrosLearners Edge
  • Before working for iteach full time I worked for them for years as a freelance marketer and designer. Secretly I wanted to work for them full time and that dream became a reality in February of 2021. It is nice to focus all of my attention and passion into one area that I love – education. Being part of the iteach, Teaching Channel and Learners Edge family has been very rewarding. As a member of the LGBTQ+ community I love working for a company that supports diversity and inclusion. This is a great place to work!

    Eddie Renz (He/Him)
    Eddie Renz (He/Him)Director of Marketing, iteach
  • I am honored to be a part of the Learners Edge team. I continue to be impressed by the company, their values and their level of professionalism. The variety of professional development opportunities available to educators is incredible and the learning model and progression in the coursework definitely reflect best practices. The courses also reflect the current needs of the educational system and provide educators with actionable steps they can use tomorrow and down the road. The company has been incredibly supportive of me and continues to set me up for success in my role. Being a course evaluator also gives me the opportunity to share the work that I am passionate about. It also inspires me as I get to hear from participants in my courses about all of the incredible work that is happening in schools throughout the country.  Another benefit of my role as a course evaluator is that I am able to work remotely and during the hours that work for me and for my family.

    Betina Sager
    Betina SagerLearners Edge

Together We Rise.

We are a bunch of fun and diverse people who are passionate about education. We value each other and the individual strengths of every member of our team. If you want to impact the world and make it better through education, then join our team!


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