Texas Teacher Certification Test Study Guides

Texas Teacher Certification Test Study Guide

Completing the iteach Texas teacher certification test study guides will ensure you’re well prepared to pass your state-required exams and become a successful teacher. You’ll be able to go at your own pace and apply the learning style that works for you, meaning you’ll better internalize the information and avoid the stress that comes with many other online certification courses.

Once you’ve completed our course, it’s time to take state-required testing so you can become a licensed teacher and get hired in the perfect school district for you. Do your research on state tests to ensure you’re efficient in your studies and pass the test with ease.

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Texas State Teacher Testing Requirements

What You Need to Know About TExES Exams

You’ll be required to take the Teacher Examination of Educator Standards (TExES) test to become a certified teacher in Texas. This test is broken down into two parts: a content test followed by a pedagogy test.

The content test evaluates your knowledge of the subject you want to teach. You’ll need to take one that aligns with a specific teaching subject and grade level, such as 7th – 12th-grade math or early childhood – 12th-grade music. The pedagogy test evaluates your teaching style, and will be taken once you’ve done all other training and content tests.

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