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Texas Teacher Certification Test Guide

As a new teacher, what is the number one thing you need to know about teacher certification tests (TExES) in Texas?

First, you must take the Teacher Examination of Educator Standards (TExES) to become a certified teacher in Texas- so its incredibly important.


Taking the TExES can be a daunting task. It can be complicated and confusing. Thats why we have made it simple.

To Start: Before you can take the TExES, you should first figure out which of the TExES exams to take.

Already confused?

The TExES is broken down into content tests and the pedagogy test. The first test you will take is the content test. You must first pass the content test before you can be a certified teacher in Texas.

So the most important question to answer is which TExES content test do you want to take? But before we answer that, there are a few details you need to know first.

So keep scrolling and reading the page and we will walk you through, step-by-step, how to take the TExES.

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Guide to the TExES

We surveyed districts across the state about what they wanted new teachers to know. Overwhelming, districts felt the most important information to know is about TExES testing. 

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Testing Process FAQ’s


What is the TExES?

The TExES is a test that determines whether or not an individual has the knowledge necessary to be an entry-level educator in Texas.


Why take the TExES?

The TExES must be passed in order to be hired and placed under a certificate.


Which TExES test should I take?

The TExES that aligns to your teaching subject.


When should I take the TExES?

Now. The test is needed to be hired and for certification. Take the first step toward your certification.


How often can I take the TExES?

Five times. You can only take the TExES up to five times via the PACT route.


How much does the TExES cost?



Which TExES test should I take?

TExES tests are given on a daily basis at proctored testing sites across the state. Sign up through the NES Website.


How can I test now?

You can sign up via the PACT route to test now.


Do I need to Study?

Yes. You want to be prepared and ready for the exam. Click here for study guides.

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What is the TExES Test?

The TExES is a content test you pass to show you know your teaching material.  For example, if you pass the 7th Grade – 12th Grade Mathematics TExES, you are eligible to teach  7th through 12th grades math.

Why Take a TExES Test?

In order to be hired as a teacher, the state requires you to pass the TExES test to show districts that  you have the knowledge to teach the subject. Think of the TExES, like the Bar Exam – you must pass the test in order to being practicing in the field.

Which TExES Test Should I Take?

You should take the TExES that covers your desired teaching area.

When you begin your teacher certification process, you need to identify the areas you are interested in teaching and then take the TExES test that is appropriate for the teaching assignments. For example, if you are interested in teaching Math at the high school level, then you would take the 7th grade – 12th grade Math content test, if you want to teach at the middle school level, then the 4th grade – 8th grade CORE Subject content test would be appropriate, or if your passion is music, then the Early Childhood – 12th grade Music test would be needed.


When Should You Take the Content Test? Now!

Taking the test is the first step in the certification process. Prior to being eligible for hire and having a teaching certificate, the TExES test must be passed.

How Can I Take a TExES Now?

PACT stands for Pre-Admission Content Test (PACT). PACT is the TExES test, it’s not a separate or different kind of TExES test. PACT simply refers to the timing of when the test is taken. If you are taking the content test prior to formal enrollment in a program, then you will take the content test via the PACT route. Many programs require a content test to be passed as part of their admission requirements, if this is the case, then you will take your content test through the PACT option.

The following information provides additional information regarding testing via the PACT or Program Approval option.



There are two methods to take the TExES test:

1. Pre-Admission Content Test (PACT)

Via the PACT route, you are taking the TExES prior to enrollment into a program. The PACT test is the TExES test for certification, it just denotes when you test.

2. Program Test Approval

Via the Program Test Approval route, you are taking the content test once formally enrolled into a program. With the PACT option, you must have at least one test passed so you can be assured, once enrolled into a program, you can complete your certification. Without a test passed for enrollment, you run the risk of investing your money, time and energy only to be denied testing and unable to complete a preparation program. Upon enrollment, you can continue to test to expand your marketability – but on a limited basis.


1. Go to to signup for a content test.

2. Take the content test via the PACT route or through the Program Test Approval once enrolled.

3. Once the content test is passed, you have demonstrated subject matter knowledge to be eligible for hire.

How to sign up for a Conent Test via the PACT route:

If you hold a bachelor’s degree or are scheduled to receive a bachelor’s degree, you are allowed to take the Content Test through Pearson via the Pre-Admission Content Tests (PACT).

PACT states for Pre-Admission Content Test and is the method of testing prior to being formally enrolled into an Educator Preparation Program. Pre-Admission Content Tests (PACT) allow individuals to demonstrate content proficiency for possible admission into an Educator Preparation Program in Texas.

Tests taken through the PACT route are the same tests used for educator certification; you will not need to retake or take another content exam once enrolled in a program.

The #1 TExES Exam Guide – Simple and Easy

From the Pearson homepage:

  1. Click on Register:
  2. Click on Register Now
  3. Click on Don’t have an account? Create an account now
  4. Input Email Address, create Password, and Security Question

You should not have a TEA ID, so select No.

If you already have a TEA ID, you will need to contact TEA at (512) 936-8400, Option 2 and request to have PACT approval added to your existing record so you can seek admission into a preparation program.

Taking the Content Test via the PACT route, you will enter your personal information – this information must exactly match your ID documents in order to be admitted to the test center.

You will select the Pre-Admission Content Test as your testing route.

Input your SSN, DOB, Ethnicity and Gender

Once your Personal Information is verified, you can sign up for a content test by selecting the Register button.

How Often Can I Take the TExES?

Only 5 times. The state only allows you to take the TExES 5 times. Not only that, once you enroll in a certification program, they may only limit you to 1 or 2 test attempts.

How Much Does the Content Test Cost?

$131.00. This fee is paid directly to NES.

When are Content Test Given?

Most TExES tests are given on a daily basis at various proctored sites through the state.

Steps to Content Testing

All candidates must pass a content test in order to be hired and eligible for certification. This is one of the first steps to ensure your success as a teacher.

Step 1

Determine what you want to teach.

Once you decide what you want to teach, then you can proceed to step 2.

Step 2

TExES Test to Match Your Teaching Position

Click HERE to show which test applies to the teaching area.

Step 3

Create an account with NES

Click HERE for step-by-step instructions for signing up for via the PACT Route.

Step 4

Register for the Tests You Plan to take

Click HERE to Register.

Do I Need to Prepare for the TExES Test?

Yes!  The TExES is not easy and with a limited number of testing opportunities, you need to study for the test.

Test preparation resoures:

  • iteachTEXAS has great diagnostic tools provided once you apply.
  • NES provides free study guides for each TExES Test:  Click Here
  • Passage Preparation offers cutting-edge test preparation.

We know the testing process can be confusing and complicated, give us a call, we are here to help.