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Teach for America

So Many Reasons to Teach!

7 Certification States

iteach is currently approved to certify candidates in seven states: D.C., Hawaii, Florida, Louisiana, Nevada, Texas and Tennessee. So many great options to choose from!

Learn Leadership Skills

As a teacher, every day you are a leader. Teaching provides valuable skills in leadership, communication, team building, conflict resolution, and so much more.

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Explore New Places

Teaching jobs are everywhere! With a teaching certification you can explore teaching in various cities, or explore other countries during your summers off. There are so many options to explore as a teacher.

Great Benefits

Teaching is a job where you get to impact the lives of students, have summers off, excellent holidays, and great job security. There are some states that even offer 4-day work weeks for teachers!

Leave Your Mark. Teach.

Many of our iteach candidates started their careers in something totally different only to find that their real passion was in teaching. If learning new things gets you out of bed each morning, a career in teaching could be a great fit for you.

iteach has a great teacher certification program that helps limit the barriers for talented people to get into the classroom. The cost to get certified is minimal and the rewards of being a teacher can be incalculable.

Our Instructors Guide You

iteach has great instructors that will guide you on your path to teaching success. iteach wants to make sure that you are successful every step of the way.

iteach is an alternative teacher certification program. It has been nationally accredited by NCATE and is state approved in the states it operates. iteach provides a fully online, self-paced curriculum so that you can use your free time to complete your certification. iteach defers 90% of program costs until you are successful in getting hired as a teacher.