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To our iteach Texas students and prospective students,

You may have been reading news reports about a top Texas-based competitor to iteach that has been accused of poor business practices by its students, and harshly evaluated by Texas state regulators. An audit by the State Board for Education Certification (SBEC) found the company to be out of compliance in key state standards, including admission, curriculum and governance. It is now considering putting the company on accredited probation.

The unfortunate side effect of bad press like this is that it can cast aspersions on all companies offering Alternative Certification education in Texas.

Here are some important facts about iteach that can ease your mind that our company is truly the best choice for people who have a bachelor’s degree and would like to switch careers to become a K-12 teacher.

  1. Rigorous CAEP accreditation. iteach is the only non-higher education institution in Texas that is CAEP accredited. CAEP is the gold standard in teacher certification accreditation. This seal of approval is evidence that our program is of exceptional quality.
  2. 12:1 Supervisor Ratio.  iteach teacher-candidates receive outstanding classroom mentorship from experienced educators. This high-quality coaching and support is crucial to first-year success.
  3. Ongoing Access to Teaching Channel. The most extensive video collection in the world of top teachers sharing their proven methods is made available to all iteach program enrollees. This exposes our students to more than 100 professional development courses, webinars and other resources to enable teachers to perform at their best.
  4. On-Ramp to a Master’s of Education Degree. We are strong believers in attaining graduate degrees and have partnered with American College of Education to enable our students to transfer nine credit hours of iteach coursework toward an ACE master’s program.
  5. 87% Satisfaction among iteach Customers. We continually monitor our students’ satisfaction and are gratified that the vast majority are extremely happy with their experience. Top factors they cite are course quality, instructor grading and feedback, and the ease-of-use of our online platform.
  6. 4.3 out of 5 Stars on TrustPilot.  We know it’s important for prospective teachers to receive unbiased feedback from those who have completed our program. To that end, we ask candidates to provide honest feedback through a third party platform, TrustPilot. In 2019 we began encouraging all of our candidates to post their comments on TrustPilot. To date, more than 600 verified iteach completers have rated our program.  You are welcome to read those evaluations here:

If you have any questions or concerns about your education experience or your education decision, please give us a call (940) 383-8100, or send an email to [email protected]. We would love to have an opportunity to hear how we can help. And finally, we want to thank you for being part of the iteach family of educators.



Andrew Rozell
President |


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