Indiana Admission Requirements

Getting Started

To enroll in the iteach Indiana Teacher Certification Program, you must provide documentation of the following:


Your degree must be from a nationally or regionally accredited institution of higher education as required by the Indiana Department of Education

This will be determined in one of the following ways:

  • Minimum 2.50 GPA (your undergraduate GPA as posted on conferred degree transcript), or
  • Minimum 2.50 GPA in the last 60 hours. Click here for a calculator (requires Microsoft Excel)

Your graduating GPA must be calculated and posted by the university on your official transcripts. If your final transcript does not reflect a graduation GPA, you will need to contact your college Registrar’s office to have a letter typed on university letterhead that includes your GPA sent in with your official transcripts.

Testing Requirements

You are required to have passed the Praxis Subject Area Exam in the area in which you a pursuing your certification. Listed below are the areas that iteach Indiana is approved. You may also learn more on the ETS website.

Praxis II Subject Exams

iteach Indiana offers certification in the following l certification areas. You must submit passing Praxis scores prior to accessing your Intent to Hire form in the Enrolled box.

PK-12 Content Tests
PK-12 Art (5134)
PK-12 Computer Science (5652)
PK-12 English to Speakers of Other Languages (5362)
PK-12 Music: Instrumental (5115)
PK-12 Music: Vocal (5116)
PK-12 Physical Education (5091)
PK-12 Special Ed: Mild to Moderate (5543)
PK-12 Special Ed: Severe to Profound (5545)
PK-12 Theater (5641)
K-6 Content Tests
K-6 Elementary Education (5006)
5-9 Content Tests
5-9 Middle School English Language Arts (5047)
5-9 Middle School Mathematics (5164)
5-9 Middle School Science (5442)
5-9 Middle School Social Studies (5089)
7-12 Content Tests
7-12 Biology (5235)
7-12 Business Education (5101)
7-12 Chemistry (5245)
7-12 Chinese (Mandarin) (5665)
7-12 Earth/Space Science (5571)
7-12 English Language Arts (5038)
7-12 Family & Consumer Science (5122)
7-12 French (5174)
7-12 Geography (5921)
7-12 German (5183)
7-12 Government/Political Science (5931)
7-12 Health Education (5551)
7-12 Japanese (5661)
7-12 Journalism (5224)
7-12 Latin (5601)
7-12 Marketing Education (5561)
7-12 Mathematics (5165)
7-12 Physical Science (5485)
7-12 Physics (5265)
7-12 Russian (5671)
7-12 Social Studies (5089)
7-12 Spanish (5195)
7-12 Technology Education (5051)
7-12 World and U.S. History (5941)


Did You Graduate Outside the U.S.?

The state of Indiana requires foreign transcripts to be evaluated by an approved evaluation company. This evaluation may be obtained from Educational Credential EvaluatorsWorld Education ServicesTrustforte CorporationInstitute of Foreign Credential Services (IFCS) (, or NACES members.

Please provide an official “course-by-course” foreign credentials evaluation report, which translates your non-US coursework into US equivalents. In addition, the evaluation must also include a calculated overall/graduating GPA. 

Applicants must also:

  • Have a personal e-mail account and access to a personal (not school) computer.
  • Add “” to your contacts list.
  • Demonstrate professionalism during all written correspondence and oral communication with iteach Indiana.

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