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Content Area Identification

Content Area Identification

It’s important to be aware of state requirements for teaching the subject you prefer. Referred to as “content area,” these can be initially confusing to understand, but this video will make it much clearer.

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Content Area Identification Option 1

One of our most frequently asked questions when it comes teacher certification is content area identification. iteach is required to identify a content (subject) area for each enrolled Texas teacher candidate. But how does iteach do that? And what does that actually mean?

Here is How it Works:

  1. We will review any previously passed exams and use passed exam history as the area for admitted subject. This does not include TXPACT tests. We will talk a little more about PACT tests later.
  2. We will review your transcripts to confirm you have the required hours for an area.

24 Hours for High School Subjects

  • 7-12 Math
  • 7-12 English
  • 7-12 Science
  • 7-12 Social Studies

15 Hours for Middle School Single Subjects

We can identify the following areas based on 15 hours in the content area Math, English, Science or Social Studies:

  • 4-8 Math
  • 4-8 English
  • 4-8 Science
  • 4-8 Social Studies

Only courses identified as English, Math, Science, and Social Studies course by the college (ENGL, MATH, SCI, Social Studies) will be used in the evaluation process for these hours.

Combination 12 Hours

We can identify the following areas based on a combination of 12 hours of English, math, science, and social studies (with a minimum of 3 hours in each content):

EC – 6 Core Subjects, 4-8 Core Subjects, or EC – 12 Special Education.

Here is an example: 

Toby wants to teach English, but his degree is in Journalism. If his degree does not have enough English credit hours, then he will be placed in Journalism.

What does that mean?

You must have an identified area of certification to enroll in iteach. Once enrolled, you can immediately request test approval in your identified area of enrollment. However, you are not bound to this one area for certification, nor required to test in it. 

You can be provided a one-time test approval in another certification area upon the completion of the Passage Preparation course, which all iteach candidates have free access to. This means you CAN test in multiple content areas with the one-time test approval

Please note: You are not required to test in the area identified for admission and you can begin the coursework without first passing an exam.


Content Area Identification Option 2

The second path to getting the content area that you want is by taking the PACT Test. We want to strongly caution you when taking this route that you should not take the PACT test without studying. (Passing and failing this test will reflect poorly on you no matter which alternative certification program that you choose.) Your testing history is included in your application review. All test attempts passed and failed are considered no matter which alternative certification program you choose. 

When is PACT Required?

Texas Law requires applicants to take and pass a PACT for admission into an EPP in the following cases:

  1. If the applicant has a GPA below a 2.5, you would need to consult our admission department prior to taking the TX PACT for this purpose. Each program handles GPA waivers differently or
  2. If the applicant has not completed at least 12 semester credit hours in the subject area of the certificate the applicant is seeking (15 hours if seeking certification in math or science above 7th grade).

iteach does not require the PACT for admissions, however, it can be used for content identification if your desired area is not identified when we review your transcripts.

Please be aware of the fact that multiple failures of the PACT test will reflect poorly on your record and so we strongly suggest you study and take the PACT test only once. This is for your benefit. You can learn more about the PACT test here.

What is the Pre-Admission Content Test (PACT)?

A Pre-Admission Content Test (PACT) can be used to determine your content area for non-traditional certification or post-baccalaureate educator preparation program (EPP).

Applicants enrolling in a preparation program that requires a PACT exam beginning January 27, 2020, must complete a passing score on the appropriate new TX PACT content examination (TX PACT) that corresponds with each certificate area. TX PACT exams are not the same as the TExES content-pedagogy certification exams used for standard certification.

PACT Test Registration

A TEA ID number is used for identification throughout the certification and exam registration process. You must know your TEA ID to set up your testing account. If you are registering for the first time, you must click “ECOS for Educators” on the top toolbar and create a TEA Login (TEAL) account. When you create your account, you will complete an Educator Profile and obtain a TEA ID number. Once you have obtained a TEA ID number, go to the online registration system for the testing vendor. For help with TEAL account access, please submit a request to TEAL Access through the TEA Help Desk.

Applicants needing to take a PACT exam in Arabic, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, or Vietnamese must have an EPP submit their request to TEA through the Help Desk.

It is important that your TEA Educator Profile contains your mailing address, email address, and phone number. All updates and corrections to your TEA Educator Profile must be done on the TEA website; be sure to click the Continue button to save your updates. You should check your TEA Educator Profile on a regular basis to make sure all of your information is current.

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