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Late Hire Provision

Late Hire Provision
June 16, 2020 Andrew Rozell
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The Texas Education Agency (TEA) provides a unique opportunity for individuals who enroll in iteachTEXAS after June 16, 2020.

When you enroll after June 16, 2020, you are immediately eligible to be hired!

That is right! You are not required to have any testing or coursework complete. You can enroll, download your Statement of Eligibility, and be hired!

The “Late Hire” provision happens every summer but with the current waiver of testing, becoming eligible for a teaching job is quicker than ever.

How do I become a Teacher with “Late Hire” Provision?

The “Late Hire” provision defines anyone who enrolls in a program within 45 days before the start of school (or any day after the start of school). Since Texas schools begin August 4, we are now within the 45 days of the start of school.

If you enroll in iteachTEXAS on or after June 16, 2020, you will be deemed a “Late Hire” and you can immediately download your Statement of Eligibility and apply for your Intern Certificate.


The Fine Print

If you do get hired as a “Late Hire” then you must complete some required training within the first 90 days of starting to teach. The required training is:

  • 30 Hours of Class Observations
  • Pre-Hire Courses (detail on candidate portal)

Who qualifies for Late Hire?

To qualify as a Late Hire Candidate, you must be enrolled in iteachTEXAS on or after June 15. After you enroll, you will be eligible for hire in a school district either before or after the first day of instruction.

Is Quick Hire the same as Late Hire?

Yes! Some programs are branding the TEA defined term as “Quick Hire” but schools are most familiar with Late Hire so we have adopted the language most aligned to those hiring you!

If I get hired as a Late Hire, what requirements do I need to complete during my first Internship Year of teaching?

You are required, within the first 90 days, to complete the 30 hours of observations and your pre-hire courses. In addition, you have the full school year to compete all program requirements.

How do I apply for my Intern Certificate?

  • Create login here: TEAL Website
  • Click on ECOS for Educators at the top of the main page.
  • Complete steps to establish a TEAL account.
  • Apply for your Intern certificate

The TEA website will provide you with your TEA ID# which you will use in registering for a test.

When does the TExES Content Exam Waiver end?

The TExES Content Exam Waiver will end on October 1, 2020. If you have not received your Intern Certificate before this date, you will be required to pass their TExES content exam before receiving your Intern Certificate for the Fall 2020 semester.